Manchester Marathon 2022: Top spectator spots along route, Park & Ride and Met Office weather forecast details

The elite runners and wheelchair athletes kick off the Manchester Marathon 2022 at 9am on Sunday - here’s where is best to catch the action and a weather forecast for the whole day.

Thousands of runners are set to come together to take part in the Therme Manchester Marathon 2022.

It takes place on Sunday 3 April, with runners setting off in waves - first to start is the wheelchair athletes at 9am, followed by elite runners at 9.05am.

Over 26,000 people of various ages and levels of experience - including high performance athletes that have qualified for the Commonwealth Games and European Athletics Championships - are taking on this year’s race.

Not only that, but the Manchester Marathon attracts hundreds of spectators that embark on the city to immerse themselves in one of the UK’s most popular marathons.

If you are heading to the Manchester Marathon this weekend as a spectator, here is everything you need to know.

Thousands of runners will be taking part in the Therme Manchester Marathon. Photo:


What tips should spectators follow during Manchester Marathon 2022?

Organisers of Manchester Marathon 2022 have issued the following tips and advice to those that hope to spectate at this years event:

  • Do not go to spectate at the start of the race - transport is saturated with runners and there are no good value vantage points.
  • Agree a specific place to meet after the race finishes - preferably away from Emirates Old Trafford, which becomes congested.
  • Make sure you know your runner’s start time as these can vary
  • Check the weather forecast and pick your outfit accordingly
  • Bring a sign (or something distinctive) so runners can spot you easily
  • Spectators are allowed to access Athlete’s Village to repatriate their runner, but only after 10:30 am.

Where are the best spectator points along the route?

Starting at Manchester City Centre and reaching as far out as Altrincham, there are a number of great vantage points for spectators along the 26.2 mile route.

Manchester City Centre - 4 and 6 mile stage


An early trip to Manchester City Centre, which was added to the route in 2021, is advised.

Avoid heading directly to the start line as it is too much hassle, instead make your way to Deansgate where runners will pass you twice - double the opportunity to spot a friend or family member to cheer them on.

The city centre is full of great places to grab a bite to eat, plus the vibes will be fun with live music.

Sale - 11, 21 and 22 mile stage

Not only is this spectator location unbelievably close to the route, but you will be able to catch runners dashing past on two occasions - albeit with a big mile gap in between.

It’s a good spot for spectators to remain if you do not wish to travel around the city.


Altrincham - 15.5 and 17 mile stage

One of the more popular spots amongst runners and spectators alike, Altrincham is an area packed with immense levels of energy and support.

With live music being played too, the area also boasts great places to buy food and drink.

Around this area, runners encounter a steep hill, so runners need all the support they can get here.

Make sure to leave a good amount of time if you plan to visit this part of the route, as it is the furthest point of the marathon.


Chorlton-Cum-Hardy - 24 and 25 mile stage

The finish line is extremely busy, so avoid making your way there and head to Chorlton-cum-Hardy instead.

A vital part of the race too as runners will need all the support they can get as they get closer and closer to the end.

This is a renowned location to meet runners after the Manchester Marathon too as it is within walking distance of Athletes’ Village.

Other good spectator spots that organisers have recommended include:

  • Navigation Road
  • Brooklands
  • Timperley
  • Stretford


Where can I get a park and ride with Metrolink?

A Metrolink tram in Manchester Credit: Shutterstock

With many Metrolink Park and Ride car parks across the network, it is very simple and easy to park up and hop on a tram to travel in and around the Greater Manchester area.

An affordable option for spectators to explore Manchester and reach the best spectator points easily.

Parking at tram stops is totally free for Metrolink customers with the only cost being the tram fair - which is very likely to cost much less than normal parking charges too.

The nearest trams to the four recommended spectator spots are: Deansgate Castlefield (Manchester City Centre), Sale (Sale), Altrincham (Altrincham) and Chorlton (Chorlton-Cum-Hardy).


For more information about tram times and much more, visit the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

What is the Met Office weather forecast?

A cold and cloudy day is in store for when the Manchester Marathon kicks off on Sunday, April 3.

For Manchester (Greater Manchester), the Met Office have this forecast:

  • 7:00 am - chilly, cloudy with a brief sunny spell - 3℃
  • 10:00 am - cloudy skies - 5℃
  • 1:00 pm - cloudy with a sunny spell - 9℃
  • 4:00 pm - cloudy skies - 9℃
  • 7:00 pm - cloudy skies - 8℃
  • 10:00 pm - cloudy skies - 10 ℃