Celebrating Manchester’s legendary Hacienda 40 years on: how your night-out photos can help tell the story

Calling all clubbers - if you frequented the Hacienda, a publisher would love to see your photos from back in the day!

<p>Were you at the Hacienda in your finery? Credit: Jon Shard</p>

Were you at the Hacienda in your finery? Credit: Jon Shard

A new book will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the opening of Manchester’s iconic Hacienda nightclub - by charting its fashion high points with a little help from the public.

Haçienda Threads - The Untold Story will focus not on the club’s legendary musical contributions but instead on its influence on fashion and youth culture at the time.

From the DIY looks of the post-punk early 1980s when the venue first opened its doors in May 1982, to the rave culture of acid house in the 1990s, the club played its part in shaping the fashion scene in Manchester and beyond.

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    It was also home to the kitsch-sexy costumes of its LGBT Flesh night - plus Linder Sterling performed live in a dress made from raw meat years before Lady Gaga followed suit.

    Were you at the Hacienda in your finery? Credit: Jon Shard

    The new book’s publishers want to hear from you if you attended the Whitworth Street West club before it closed down in June 1997 - and have some snaps to share of your most stylish nights out.

    Curated and compiled by a team headed up by Rebecca Hook and written by James Anderson, Haçienda Threads will feature a wealth of rare and previously unpublished photographs of the club’s everyday ravers, local heroes and international music icons alike, and look at how the club inspired even high-end fashion names like Versace and Balenciaga.

    How can I help?

    The team wants to hear from anyone who came to The Haçienda itself, any of its associated club nights, or Haçienda Classical events to submit scanned copies from their personal photograph collections with a view of them being included in the book.

    A spokesman said: “The photos do not have to be of great quality, but they must illustrate the fashion, style and passion of the era. They can be images taken from inside the club itself - maybe from when Madonna made her UK debut - or at pre-club or post-club parties.

    “The photos could feature the clothing shops at the time such as Geese, Royal Exchange Design Centre, Richard Creme, Hervia, Afflecks Palace (also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year) or inside some of the legendary ‘hang out’ places like Dry Bar, Spin Inn, Piccadilly Records, Eastern Bloc Records, The Underground Market or The Corn Exchange. All images submitted will be considered for inclusion in the book.”

    Curator Rebecca Hook added: “We felt it was time to focus oncelebrating the positive side of The Hacienda’s history ~ the culture, energy and style of the club. We want to make this book inclusive - something where every Haçienda clubber, past and present, can be celebrated.

    “We’ve already had some fantastic unseen pictures shared, so the book promises to be very special.”