Manchester Airport passengers’ bags still missing ELEVEN weeks after their holiday was cancelled

The family had their dream trip to Turkey cancelled just minutes after they checked in with TUI.

A family say they have all but given up hope of finding their missing luggage after their trip was cancelled when they arrived at Manchester Airport.

Lisa Bosomworth checked in her bags at the travel hub, but got an email shortly afterwards saying the trip was now cancelled.

And as if that wasn’t disappointing enough, 11 weeks on and there is still no sign of some of Lisa’s luggage.

Lisa, 44, and daughter, Summer, had arrived at the airport on 1 June with Lisa’s partner and stepson for a TUI flight to Dalaman in Turkey.

Nursery school cook Lisa said she rang TUI the day before to check her flight wasn’t cancelled amid reports of a number of services being axed and says she was assured it was going ahead.

But when she arrived at the airport, she received the bad news and was told by reps her luggage would be returned to her home in Leeds the next day.

Two weeks later, two cases belonging to the children were delivered - but as of mid-August there is still no trace of bags belonging to Lisa and her partner.

Lisa and her daughter summer saw their flight from Manchester airport cancelled at the last minute. (Pic Lisa Bosomworth/Getty)

The Middleton mum said: “I have got no make-up, I have got no hair straighteners, I have hardly any decent clothes, because I took all of them with me.

“I am making do with what I’ve got and I don’t have the money to go out and buy anymore.”

Lisa says she has been left scratching her head as to where to go next as no-one is returning her correspondence.

She said: “[The bags] go through TUI to another company who delivers them. The other company say they are in the airport somewhere.

“I have sent them two emails and not one person has got back to me about these suitcases – and we haven’t got a clue as to what is going on with them.”

Lisa added that TUI had refunded her for the holiday and gave her vouchers for future getaways.

She said: “They have been good in that way. We have got things back, but this luggage situation is getting ridiculous. Nobody seems to know anything.

“My insurance won’t pay out until we get something called a PIR number from the airport, which apparently the airport gives you when your luggage is lost at the airport.

“We have booked another holiday with the vouchers they have given us for October but, at the minute, I have nothing to go with – so until I get some insurance money through, I am screwed.”

A Manchester Airport spokesman said it was an issue for the airline and its ground handling agent, adding airport staff did not look after the baggage process.

It comes after a Channel 4 documentary showed how staff shortages was impacting on baggage handling companies, causing delays and missing bags.

Both TUI and its baggage-handling contractor Swissport have been approached for a comment.

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