Which flights are cancelled from Manchester Airport today as airport reopens following heavy snowfall

UK airports have been badly affected by snowfall today but Manchester Airport is open now again.

Passengers using Manchester Airport have been hit with an array of cancellations and delays today as heavy snowfall led to the airport’s runways being closed for several hours. The airport first announced the closures at 6.20am this morning.

At 8.45am, the airport announced that operations had restarted. They did however say that passengers should still contact their airline for the latest flight update.

A spokesperson said: “Following a period of heavy snowfall, we have temporarily closed both runways. Health and safety will always be our top priority and operations will resume at the earliest opportunity.

“Passengers are advised to contact their airline for the most up-to-date flight information.”

At 7.38am, the airport issued a further update on social media following a further period of snowfall. They said: “Our runways remain closed as we continue to clear the airfield following a fresh deposit in the last hour. Passengers are advised to contact their airline for the most up-to-date flight information.”

Upon reopening the runways, the spokesperson added: “Following the temporary closure of our runways, we are pleased to announce that operations have now resumed. We thank passengers for their patience.”

Are there cancelled flights today?

Today (January 19) as a result of the snowfall almost all flights due to leave Manchester Airport have either been delayed or cancelled. You can track the status of flights to and from the airport through the flight radar website.

According to analytics firm Cirium, 154 flights are scheduled to depart Manchester Airport today (19 Jan). Ryanair has the largest number of departures (31), followed by easyJet (26) and Jet2.com (10).