A guide to Manchester’s best charity shops A guide to Manchester’s best charity shops
A guide to Manchester’s best charity shops

Sustainable fashion: From vintage apparel to designer goods, here are the best charity shops in Manchester

Love Island contestants have ditched fast-fashion to promote sustainability - here are the best second-hand shops in Manchester

Pre-loved fashion has gained popularity in recent years as shoppers who are conscious of the impact their choices can have on the environment look for savvy alternatives to purchasing from fast-fashion retailers.

Hit ITV reality show Love Island took note of the shift away from embracing brands that rapidly stock new trends at low prices in favour of styling this year’s contestants in apparel from eBay.

While online marketplaces are always overflowing with unwanted items, the British High Street still remains competitive with their range of second-hand shops fully stocked with unbeatable timeless vintage pieces and heavily discounted designer goods.

Celebrity fashion stylist Alexis Knox, shared advice for thrifting, saying: “The key to shopping in charity shops is having an idea of what you’re looking for. Charity shops can often be overflowing, so you’ll have a good start if you enter knowing even just the colour of clothing you’re looking for.

“It’s always a good idea to become friendly with your local charity shop if there’s something in mind you’re hoping to find. Every day they get new donations so they can keep you in mind if they receive what you’re looking for and saves you having to pop in all the time.

“When charity shopping make sure you have plenty of time because it really helps to get stuck in and have the time to take in each individual item on the rack.”

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