Manchester Christmas Markets 2021 photos: first look at the Winter Gardens stalls

Here’s a flavour of what to expect if you’re heading off to Manchester Christmas Markets, with a look at the new attractions in Piccadilly Gardens for 2021.

<p>Kyle Divilly and Abby Matthew of 'Off Piste'</p>

Kyle Divilly and Abby Matthew of 'Off Piste'

They’re back! Traders have set up shop in Manchester city centre as the Christmas Markets opened for 2021 on Friday 12 November.

A huge array of food and drink stalls were already attracting hungry shoppers at lunch-time to Piccadilly Gardens for the new Winter Gardens attraction, which runs til 3 January 2022.

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One new trader at Winter Gardens is Hannah Joe, co-owner of PANC, who set up the vegan business in February this year.

“We chose to open our business in Manchester because we live here and we love the city.

“We also felt that there was a massive gap in the market for vegan affordable food.

“We have found that things like a vegan Jaffa cake or vegan bratwurst is really hard to find.

“We are trying to accommodate for things that is not normal to find and it is really close to the real deal, so it does taste like meat.

“The secret is in the sauce because we make our own sauce.”

Our photographer snapped early birds on Friday who were some of the first through the gates at the Winter Gardens, one of six locations hosting the markets this year. See our guide to what’s on at the markets here.

Manchester Christmas Markets - Eat Greek All photos: JPIMedia/ David Hurst
Manchester Christmas Markets 2021 Credit: David Hurst/JPI
Manchester Christmas Markets 2021: Staff on Clowbecks Farmhouse Kitchen stall
Manchester Christmas Markets: Adam, Karen and Poppie Moss
Manchester Christmas Markets Chen's Happy House
Manchester Christmas Markets 2021: Winter Gardens, Piccadilly Gardens
Manchester Christmas Markets Food prepared and ready to serve from the Turkish Grill
Manchester Christmas Markets: hog roast
Photo: David Hurst Manchester Christmas Markets: a stall holders prepares to open

Manchester Christmas Markets From left, Sue Hollister and Carole and Emma Barben Photo: David Hurst/ JPI
Cllr Pat Karney and original German trader, Anja Manke

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