How students are getting work experience jobs at Manchester United

The club has teamed up with local university UA92 to offer opportunities at Old Trafford.

Manchester United staff are heading back to the classroom for a new partnership at a city university.

The club has launched an employment partnership with UA92 (University Academy 92 ) in Old Trafford to help students grow their skills and get ready for work.

The university was set up with five of the famous United Class of 92 - Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Phil Neville - and Lancaster University.

Under the new scheme, UA92 and Manchester United will work together to provide work experience and mentoring opportunities to the students, with the club’s staff also delivering guest lectures and curriculum guidance to help prepare the students from a range fo backgrounds for future employment.

Fajal Lala, Matthew Owen, Joao Avillez, Mike Luty, Mohammed Pathan, Husni Syed, Sebastian Miranda

What can students do at United?


The first work experience programme took place last month, with a group of seven students being involved in week-long placements across a range of departments at United including media, communications, marketing, sports science and venue operations.

They hope to attract students from a diverse range of backgrounds in the area.

Collette Roche, chief operating officer at Manchester United, said: “We admire UA92’s approach to education. They have a clear goal to unlock the potential of the young people that they work with and help them to overcome the barriers that they face. That really resonated with us.

“As neighbouring organisations, we will work together to develop the curriculum even further and offer the students relevant work experience to help them on their career journey.

“This partnership also forms part of our broader plan to diversify our workforce and attract the very best people to work for the club in the future.”


Sara Prowse, CEO of UA92 added: “Working with a club such as Manchester United is incredibly exciting. We have a strong foundation in place for this partnership and will work together to support young people in Greater Manchester and beyond into higher education and onto successful careers.

“Our students have already had some fantastic guest lectures and interactive sessions from some of the Manchester United team and we have a programme of work placements and mentoring in place for next year. The opportunity for our students to start to form direct relationships with Manchester United colleagues is a wonderful opportunity and I look forward to seeing this partnership grow and flourish.”