Hero Greater Manchester police dog Eddie given Thin Blue Paw award for helping with 60 arrests

Three-year-old German Shepherd Eddie and his handler PC Andy Kenyon have been named Rising Stars at the Thin Blue Paw 2022 awards.

Criminals in Greater Manchester, beware - you’re no match for police dog Eddie.

The fearless three-year-old German Shepherd has helped his handler make more than 60 arrests in just 18 months - including stopping burglars and armed robbers in their tracks.

And now PD Eddie and his handler, PC Andy Kenyon, have received the ‘Rising Star’ award at the Thin Blue Paw Awards.

It’s a dream partnership for PC Kenyon, 32, who always wanted to be a dog handler just like his dad.

The duo completed their training course and were licensed in March 2021. And they don’t just work together but live together too.

GMP dog Eddie has won a Thin BLue Paw award


PC Kenyon – who also lives with wife, Rebecca, three-year-old daughter, eight-week-old son, and pet dog, Dougie – said: “Eddie is great. He’s a sociable dog and is great at home, but also performs really well when we’re at work. He’s great at tracking and we’ve had some really good results.”

What has Eddie done?

Eddie is fearless in the face of criminals. He helped protect PC Kenyon’s colleague after being attacked with a crowbar by armed robbers.

“A call came in about two men breaking into a bookies in Wigan in the middle of the night,” PC Kenyon explained. “A local Sergeant had arrived just before us and came face-to-face with the men; one was running at him with a crowbar as we arrived, trying to hit him. He pressed his emergency button and, luckily, we arrived on the scene.

“I shouted to the man but he carried on swinging it at my colleague; he dropped the weapon and tried to make his escape so I sent Eddie after him and he caught him just down the street.”

PD Eddie with his handler PC Andy Kenyon


On another occasion, PD Eddie and PC Kenyon responded to calls about a break-in at a home in Crumpsall - where Eddie was confronted with a hammer-wielding criminal.

He said: “A car sped off as we arrived and a man ran back into the house so we followed. He tried to escape through the front door but Eddie managed to detain him. As he laid on the floor he reached for a hammer but Eddie managed to grab hold of him again and prevented him from getting hold of the weapon.”

The men – who had broken into a home where a cannabis farm was being run and took a man hostage so they could steal the plants – were successfully detained due to PD Eddie’s quick reactions.

At an armed robbery at a shop in Aspull, PC Kenyon and PD Eddie were able to track three men who ran from the scene - and Eddie found one hiding in a garden.

PC Kenyon added: “Eddie has such a desire and drive to work; he’s young, enthusiastic and enjoys doing what he does. I’m so proud to go to work with him every day and I’m over-the-moon to receive this award.”


What has GMP said?

Superintendent John-Paul Ruffle from Greater Manchester Police’s Specialist Operations Branch said: “GMP are very proud of the commitment and dedication of PC Kenyon, PD Eddie and the whole dog handling team for the work they do on a daily basis.

“It is fantastic to see rising stars Andy and Eddie receive recognition for their contribution to keeping people across Greater Manchester safe. Police dogs are a vital part of policing and of the GMP family and awards like this show how important their work is.”

Thin Blue Paw Foundation trustee Kieran Stanbridge said: “While it’s wonderful to celebrate the experience and long-serving teams who have long kept their communities safe, it’s also important to shine a light on the new partnerships who are rising stars in the policing world; and PC Kenyon and PD Eddie have certainly shown that the people of Greater Manchester are lucky to have them looking out for them.

“It’s astounding to hear about all of the marvellous successes this formidable duo have had so far, and we’re sure they have an incredibly promising career ahead of them!”

  • Find out more about the Thin Blue Paw Foundation and the awards on their website here.