Photographer bringing amazing ‘real or not?’ photos of the Queen to Manchester for Platinum Jubilee exhibition

Photographer Alison Jackson says her work explores the gap between how well we think we know people in the public eye and how much information we really have about them.

Extraordinary photographs involving lookalikes of the Queen are part of an exhibition of art being held in Manchester to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

The ABC Gallery in the city is putting on 70 The Exhibition which both celebrates the monarch and explores the complexity of her legacy.

A group of artists is taking part in the show with more than 30 pieces of art going on display to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign.

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    And among them will be images by London photographer Alison Jackson, who works with lookalikes to produce incredible images that really will have you wondering: “are those real or not?”

    What is 70 The Exhibition and when is it on?

    The exhibition at the ABC Gallery has been put together by Monica Colussi and features sculpture, photography, painting and drawing, as well as featuring new works including textile elaborations, video, neon art and mosaics.

    The venue has teamed up with All Work & Social to put on the cultural tribute to the milestone royal anniversary.

    The artists reflecting on their ideas about and visions of the Queen range from internationally-acclaimed to creatives to newly-emerging talent.

    The exhibition depicts Her Majesty throughout the seven decades of her reign.

    There is a private viewing at the Quay Street venue on 16 June and the show is then open to the public from 17 June to 28 July.

    More information about the venue is available here.

    What is Alison Jackson’s contribution to the exhibition?

    Alison Jackson, from London, has created an extraordinary series of portraits using lookalikes that depict ‘the Queen’ doing everyday tasks in her private life.

    The BAFTA-award winning photographer, film-maker says much of her work is based around the idea of how much we think we know about celebrities and what they are like compared to our actual level of knowledge of famous people.

    And she is looking forward to her work going on display in Manchester.

    The ‘Queen’ takes a nap at Buckingham Palace

    Alison said: “I’m trying to guess what the Queen might be like. She’s the master of the blank canvas, she keeps silent. We only ever see her on public display. What is so interesting is that she’s a real person as well.

    “I’m very excited about my work being on display in Manchester and I’m really keen to show my work there. It’s a very musical city with a lot of public art in the streets.

    “I wonder whether people in Manchester like the Queen as much as we do in London.”

    Photographer Alison Jackson enjoys creating scenarios in which she imagines what the Queen gets up to behind closed doors.