Great Manchester Run 2022: How to track runners using new Great Run smartphone app and weather forecast

The half marathon and 10k take place on 22 May and here is how to follow the runners.

The Great Manchester Run 2022 is just around the corner, and runners across the city will be coming to the end of their training programmes.

Runners will be taking part in either a 10k route or a half marathon route, and both routes will take in some of the most iconic sites from across Manchester.

Ahead of race day, here’s a look at some important factors for the race, including what we think the weather will be like, when the races are expected to start, and when runners are expected to hear their results.

When is The Great Manchester Run and 10k?

The two running events take place on Sunday 22 May along routes which will navigate runners through the city.

When do the races get underway?

Race day is set to be an all-day event, with the event and charity village opening up at 7.30am and one wave of the 10k leaving at just after 12.45pm.

The two half marathon groups set off at 8.30am, whilst the 10k runners will have a staggered start from 11.30am onwards through to 12.47pm.

What will the weather be like for the race?

The weather is something which we can’t dictate, and for an outdoor event such as a race it can be a major factor.

Weather site Accuweather has an hourly forecast of what the weather might be for the duration of race day

Here’s what could be in store for runners for race day, starting at 8am just before the half marathon runners get underway.

8am - Intermittent clouds and sunshine - 14°C

9am - Intermittent clouds and sunshine - 15°C

10am- Intermittent clouds and sunshine - 16°C

11am - Mostly cloudy with showers - 16°C

12pm - Intermittent clouds and sunshine - 17°C

1pm - Intermittent cloud with some sunny spells - 17°C

2pm - Intermittent cloud with some sunny spells - 18°C

3pm - Mostly cloudy with some scattered showers - 18°C

4pm - Sunshine and some clouds - 17°C

5pm - Sunny spells with some cloud - 17°C

6pm - Intermittent cloud with some sunny spells - 17°C

When will I know my race time?

Race times will be made available through the Great Run website.

They can be accessed through the website and by searching the race event and your name.

According to the race website, results will be given shortly after you cross the finsh line.

Can I track runners?

If you are interested in following the progress of friends and family on race day, you can download an official app.

The ‘Great Run: Running Events’ app allows you to follow someone’s progress as they make their way around the route.

The app can be downloaded from the IOS and Android app stores.

Features included on the app include live tracking, split times and results, interactive course maps and access to all of the important information you need on the day.

Which roads are closed for the race?

Manchester City Council has announced which roads will be closed to help accommodate the event on 22 May.

These are comprehensively listed in another ManchesterWorld article which outlines in more detail which roads will be closed.