“Superstars are built different” - Ex-Man Utd captain compares Cristiano Ronaldo to former Old Trafford icon

Portuguese superstar will be “will be absolutely fuming” at not starting according to one time teammate. Ronaldo has spent recent matches on the bench.

Former Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand has made comparisons between Cristiano Ronaldo and another Old Trafford ‘superstar’ of the past.

Ferdinand, speaking on the Vibe with Five podcast, believes the six time Ballon d’Or winner shares a similar mentality to David Beckham and will not be happy at being left out of Erik ten Hag’s starting XI.

The ex-England defender played with both Ronaldo and Beckham during his 12 years with the Red Devils and knows both players well.

Here is what the pundit said about the Portuguese superstars current United situation and the comparisons to he former England teammate.

“He will be absolutely fuming right now” - Ferdinand on Ronaldo situation

Ferdinand played alongside Daid Beckham in his first season at Manchester United in 2002/03 before the winger made his high profile move to Real Madrid.

The pair were also regular teammates with the England men’s national side throughout their careers.

After Beckham departed United, Ferdinand played with Ronaldo during his entire first spell at the club.

Speaking about the Portugese star’s current situation at Old Trafford, Ferdinand said:“Whether he stays or not none of us know, but knowing Cristiano, I know for a fact that he will be absolutely fuming right now.

“Forget who’s starting in front of him, it’s that he’s not starting.

“You don’t get to do what he’s done in his career over this amazing amount of time at the levels he’s been playing and be someone who’s going to accept not starting and being a sub for a team that’s not in the Champions League.

People can’t sit there and say it’s fine, it’s alright he should be a team player.

“For some people that’s cool but for Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s not built like that but you can’t expect him to change at 37, he’d have been the same at 21.”

Comparing Ronaldo to Beckham, he added: “I remember when Becks got dropped for a couple of games and the [Real] Madrid game. He was fuming. Superstars are built different.

“They don’t believe they have bad games, they don’t believe they don’t play well, they don’t believe they don’t get things wrong in a game because they are so hell-bent on success and their belief in their skills and themselves, that they don’t see failures.

“All that is in their mind is that I know what I bring to the table and Cristiano Ronaldo, no matter what anyone says about running, pressing etc, he’ll be sitting there going ‘I scored 24 goals last year, talk to me’ how many times did anybody else get near that in this team?

“He’ll knows the stats, he’ll be saying ‘I got this team more points than anyone else last year with the goals I scored.”