The world’s first public Tyson Fury sculpture - made out of drainpipes - is to go on display

The world's first public sculpture of Manchester-born heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury is to be sited in his adopted home town of Morecambe.

<p>Tyson Fury and the drainpipe sculpture of himself in Morecambe</p>

Tyson Fury and the drainpipe sculpture of himself in Morecambe

You’d be hard pressed to say the resemblance is striking but a new art sculpture of Wythenshawe-born boxer Tyson Fury is set to be unveiled this weekend.

The structure will be officially exhibited as part of Morecambe Bay Art Fair this weekend and then to be sited outdoors permanently at Jo & Lee's By The Sea cafe on Morecambe promenade. This is the site of the VVV gym and cafe where Tyson Fury used to train and eat.

Anthony Padgett's new Tyson Fury sculpture.

The contemporary arts piece isn’t modelled on the hulking Gypsy King in a lifelike way - instead showing a stick-like figure in a boxing motion.

The sculpture is by award-winning artist Anthony Padgett, who said: "The sculpture was inspired by Tyson Fury. It depicts the essence of the punch, the key moment in boxing.

Tyson Fury, pictured here at Old Trafford, is a Manchester United supporter. Credit: Getty.

"It is great to have a sculpture depicting Tyson's world achievement in Morecambe. Also to have a contemporary artwork shows Morecambe is progressive in its views of art. I used to see Tyson Fury in the cafe but never spoke to him. I hope he likes the work."

Contemporary art is different from traditional 'lifelike' sculptures as it uses everyday objects in new ways.

Large sculptures made out of storm drain piping is a first that Padgett pioneered in 2020 with a 10 feet high commission for the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston.

Anthony Padgett with his Tyson Fury sculpture.

Anthony's traditional 'lifelike' sculptures, including of war poet Wilfred Owen and artist Vincent Van Gogh, are sited around the UK and in Europe.

Anthony, who is from Morecambe, said he is also in the frame to do a lifelike sculpture of Tyson in bronze.

You can see the sculpture prior to its installation at Jo & Lee's at the Morecambe Bay Art Fair at The Platform in Morecambe on December 4 and 5.