Where football fans in Manchester plan to watch the World Cup 2022

We spoke to local people to ask if they think the World Cup has disrupted the Premier League and whether England have a shot at winning this year.

The biggest sporting event for football followers worldwide is set to start on Sunday. The FIFA World Cup 2022 begins this weekend (20 November) in Qatar and many football fans are excited for the international competition to be underway.

This year it will be hosted by Qatar til 18 December and this will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arab nation. England’s first match is set to go ahead on Monday 21 November, and Manchester’s Depot Mayfield will be home to Europe’s biggest fan zone.

We spoke to local people to find out how excited they are for the World Cup to begin and whether they plan on watching much of the action. We also wanted to know whether they think England have a chance of winning the competition and if the disruption to the Premier League this year is an issue. And you can check our guide of best places to watch the action in Manchester here.