Transport for Greater Manchester van driver fined for parking on pavement in Salford

In total, 30,277 parking charge notices (PCNs) were issued for various parking contraventions across Salford between October 2020 and September 2021.

A Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) van has been slapped with a fine after parking on a piece of pavement surrounded by double yellow lines.

The van was one of several vehicles parked on the corner of Hulme Street off Oldfield Road in Salford next to the new Local Crescent development.

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The Local Democracy Reporting Service understands the driver was off duty at the time and has covered the cost of the fine.

A TfGM spokesperson said: “We have expressed our disappointment at how this vehicle was parked to the member of staff involved.

“They immediately paid the fine and have been reminded of their responsibilities when it comes to ensuring all our vehicles are parked in a safe and legal manner.”

Parking tickets issued in Hulme Street, Salford. Credit: Walk Ride Central Salford.

Cycling and walking campaigners have previously criticised developer Salboy for allowing cars to park on the pavements surrounding the apartment blocks.

Since then, double yellow lines have been painted around the buildings – but motorists seem to be ignoring the signs and parking on the pavement anyway.

Harry Gray, from Walk Ride Central Salford, said: “We’re pleased to see the double yellows being rolled out and enforcement starting from Salford City Council.

“We’d expect someone working for TfGM to represent the organisation’s active travel values better.”

In total, 30,277 parking charge notices (PCNs) were issued for various parking contraventions across Salford between October 2020 and September 2021.

Hulme Street saw 748 PCNs issued over those 12 months – putting it in the top four streets in the city for fine issued – while in Back Hulme Street there were 547.

But this was before the double yellow lines were introduced on the street.

Salford Council has previously said it would work with Salboy to find temporary solutions to the parking problems while work on the developments continue.

A TfGM van pavement parking in Hulme Street, Salford. Credit: Walk Ride Central Salford

Labour councillor Mike McCusker, who is the lead member for planning and sustainable development at Salford council, said that single and double yellow line restrictions apply from the centre of the road to the edge of the nearest private property – including footpaths and grass verges where applicable.

He said: “We urge motorists to avoid parking on pavements to keep them clear for pedestrians and avoid damaging them.”

A spokesperson for Salboy said: “We support the increased enforcement of the new restrictions and continued obstruction caused parking on pavements.

“We have been working with Salford City Council and the Highways Authority and have been informed double yellow lines parking restrictions length of the roads in question.

“We are advising new tenants that there is no parking available within the development and to seek alternative solutions in paid car parks surrounding the site.

“As the 100 car parking spaces available within the development are fully allocated with a large waiting list. Salboy and Domis staff use paid spaces nearby or use public transportation.”