Manchester Airport parking: Best places to park, drop-off details and arriving early - what you need to know

We answer your airport parking questions

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Tens of thousands of passengers fly into and out of Manchester Airport every day, with many of them travel arriving by car.

Unless you fly very frequently this can leave most people with an array of questions, from the pitfalls of dropping off a friend or loved one to the best places to park while you are away.

So if you are planning to fly from Manchester anytime soon, we've linked up with the airport team to give you helpful parking advice and take some of the stress out of your trip.

Your Manchester Airport parking questions answered.Your Manchester Airport parking questions answered.
Your Manchester Airport parking questions answered.

Where is the best place to park at Manchester Airport?

The Manchester Airport team recommend parking at the terminal you are flying from, so you won't nee to carrying heavy luggage long distances. While Terminals 1 and 3 at Manchester are only a short distance from one another, Terminal 2 is further away and is up to a 20-minute walk from Terminal 3.

Should I book in in advance to secure the best price?

The airport encourages booking in advance as this will help the airport manage parking capacity. As helping airport staff customers could also secure a discount when booking in advance of a journey. Discounts could also be made when booking to reserve a place on the day of the flight.

Can I arrive early? What happens to my booking if my flight times change?

Customers planning to park at Manchester Airport can arrive up to 6 hours earlier and leave up to 6 hours later without incurring any charges charge. So if your flight times change within that window there's no need to contact the airport to change the booking.

Can you drop someone off at Manchester Airport for free?

It is still possible to drop passengers off for free at Manchester Airport. A drop-off area is available in Thorley Lane opposite JetParks 1, completely free of charge, with five-minute bus shuttles running regularly to each of the airport’s three terminals. Manchester Airport encourages passengers to use this option to reduce traffic congestion on the terminal forecourts and around the airport site.

Is there a time limit for drop-offs?

There is a time limit of 10 minutes in the forecourt drop-off areas, and you will be charged £25 if you stay for longer. Motorists dropping off family or friends are also warned to avoid leaving their vehicle unattended within a forecourt area.

Picking passengers up on the forecourt is not allowed and subject to a £100 charge, as the time it takes passengers to pass through Arrivals can vary and would often result in drivers overstaying the 10-minute limit. If you’re picking someone up, you should use one of the short-stay car parks instead, located next to each terminal.

Can I get to Manchester Airport on public transport?

An alternative to car journeys, Manchester Airport has a wide range of public transport options available, which can be affordable, accessible, reliable, and sustainable. The airport is accessible by bus, coach, tram, and train via the dedicated station onsite. Passengers are encouraged to consider a more sustainable transport option when heading to or from Manchester Airport, to reduce the environmental impact, reduce travel time, and decrease the amount of traffic on the road network.

You can find more information on parking via the Manchester Airport FAQ page.