Is Manchester Airport open today? Flight delays and cancellations as heavy snowfall covers the region

With heavy snowfall across the region, Manchester Airport is experiencing delays today

With heavy snowfall across the North West and Greater Manchester, disruptions are being seen across the region today (March 10). The bad weather has also affected Manchester Airport, where several flights are experiencing delays, both arriving and departing.

As of 8am, no flights to or from the airport have been cancelled, but several flights are delayed or expected to be delayed. An airport spokesman said however that there was no settled snow at the airport this morning as of 9am, and they do not currently expect a major impact of the weather on operations out of Manchester. He added: “Our advice to passengers remains that they should plan their journeys to the airport and leave plenty of time.”

If you are flying to or from Manchester Airport today, it is advised you check with your travel company for the latest updates. You can also check the airport website for departures and arrivals updates and our daily guide to waiting times and updated travel advice here.

The impact has been greater at other airports such as Bristol and Birmingham which have seen some flights cancelled this week due to weather.