The Manchester area where residents are being ‘driven out’ by anti-social behaviour and noise

Fallowfield residents who are fed up with anti-social behaviour, noise and crime are leaving Manchester altogether, a licensing panel has been told.

Public nuisance, noise and litter are frequently cited as reasons why long-term residents have left the area, according to a community group representative.

The comments came as councillors considered an application by Fireaway for a late night licence for a new pizza restaurant and takeaway in Wilmslow Road.

The food outlet which opened a new Manchester branch in July 2021 applied for permission to take delivery orders until 1.30am on Fridays and Saturdays and 12.30am the rest of the week, closing to the public after 11pm every day.

However, residents objected to the application, citing a Manchester city council policy which aims to reduce the impact of licensed premises on neighbours.

Speaking on behalf of South East Fallowfield Residents’ Group, Kattie Kincaid said long-term residents are leaving due to the ‘huge problems’ in the area.

Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield, Manchester pictured in November 2020. Credit: Google.


She said: “Most of them seem to leave Manchester altogether because they’ve lost faith.

“They just don’t want to have to live in this type of environment anymore.”

Kincaid said the residents’ group welcomes business, but argued that this takeaway is offering nothing different to the 40 others already on this road.

What else did the meeting discuss?

Licensing officers at the local authority also raised concerns about the impact of late night deliveries on people who live in properties behind the premises.

But Kincaid argued that the late-night licence would lead to more deliveries in the neighbourhood in the early hours of the morning, affecting all residents.


She complained of the noise created by vehicles stopping and starting and delivery drivers ‘hammering’ on doors, disturbing neighbours in the street.

Referring to the council’s cumulative impact policy which applies to this area, she argued that another late night takeaway would only add to the problems.

She added: “Every time we see it slightly whittled away, it’s so disheartening.

“We are seeing people continuing to leave this area. In the end, our community will die.”

Speaking on behalf of Fireaway Manchester Ltd, Athony Horne said that students are not the ‘target market’ for the new takeaway in Fallowfield.


The restaurant have been receiving around three to five orders per hour since opening last summer and the average delivery costs more than £32 in total.

The company owns two electric cars which are silent, he told the panel, and he claimed that 60 pc of orders placed through Deliveroo are delivered by bicycle.

He also told councillors on the licensing panel that the company directors are ‘educated men’ who want to live ‘harmoniously’ with residents in the locality.

The panel approved the application at a hearing on Monday (17 January ).