Tyson Fury surprises fans on Ryanair flight at Manchester Airport after family holiday with wife Paris & kids

Tyson Fury, wife Paris and their kids were spotted at Manchester Airport after enjoying a holiday in Tenerife.

Tyson Fury proves he’s the people’s champion by chatting to fans and hugging wife Paris as they land back in the UK from their family holiday in Tenerife.

The Gypsy King, 34, and his 33-year-old wife Paris took six of their kids out of school to fly to the island for a fortnight’s break. On Wednesday night, the loved-up couple were pictured sharing an embrace as they touched down back at Manchester Airport.

And heavyweight fighter Fury, worth an estimated £130million, showed he’s not lost the common touch as he chatted with fans as he waited for his luggage.

One onlooker said Wythenshawe-born Fury, who had just alighted a Ryanair flight, said: “Tyson seemed super relaxed at the airport. “He was chatting with several fans who had gathered to grab their bags at the carousel for the Ryanair flight from Tenerife, which had arrived about 5.20 pm.

“He and Paris also looked extremely loved up. They were piling on the public displays of affection, hugging and kissing together - and they didn’t seem to mind who saw it.

“Paris and Tyson were together with their whole family, all the children. They waited around 10 minutes for their bags to appear, with Tyson grabbing a bright pink one off the carousel. And when they were finally ready to set off for their car, Tyson roared ‘C’mon gang, let’s go!’ And the whole family followed him. He seemed like the leader of the pack.

“One of the younger kids threw a little tantrum at one point, putting their face on the floor and being a big naughty. But Paris swooped in and pulled them up and got them up again, and they were on their way.”

Tyson Fury chatting to fans Credit SWNS

It was reported earlier this week the family stayed at a five-star hotel where rooms cost up to £750 per night, boasting a gym, water park, and live shows.

Parents are banned from taking state school kids out in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances and the headteacher allows it. But the couple have already suggested their children will be out of classrooms by the age of 11, in line with some Traveller cultural traditions.

Their eldest daughter Venezuela, 12, has already left school. The rest of their clan includes Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson II, five, Valencia, four, Prince Adonis Amaziah, two, and baby Athena, five months.