More than 5,000 new homes to be built in Salford by next year

This would include 700 new homes developed by registered providers for sale and private rent.

Salford City Council’s action plan for housing strategy was approved with their goal of bringing thousands more homes into the area still being prioritised.

The council’s objectives are to meet the rising demand for housing in the borough, maximise the development of new homes and to support the delivery of new and existing carbon neutral homes.

The total pipeline delivery of new homes by March 2023 as part of this long-term plan is estimated at 5,179. This would include 700 new homes developed by registered providers for sale and private rent.

The council has continued to reinforce their commitment to affordable housing with over 1800 promised between April 2020 and March 2024.

Of these there will be 50 wheelchair accessible units

Flats and apartments in Salford Quays Credit: Getty

By March 2023:

– 358 new affordable homes are forecast to be delivered:

– 3%  will be wheelchair accessible

In addition to this Derive RP are committed to deliver 129 high energy efficient homes between March 2022 – December 2022.

A report said: “Greater Manchester strategic goals for carbon neutral new and existing homes in the future, remain a serious challenge for all partners and the likelihood of not achieving the targets seems high without significant government intervention. 

“Those challenges are financial, as well as knowledge and skills based. 

“Partners are working together to develop shared learning to help skill up officers and housing providers are exploring what can realistically be achieved within existing finances, as well as how to access wider funding streams as they become available.”

This plan was approved at a recent cabinet meeting as the 2021/22 delivery plan comes to an end on 31 March.

This plan includes five of the Salford Council’s ‘Great Eight’ in their vision to create a ‘fairer, greener and healthier Salford’.

‘The Great Eight’ are:

Tackling poverty and inequality

Creating vibrant places and spaces

Tackling the climate emergency

Skills and education (A Learning City)

Affordable housing and reducing homelessness

Promoting transport and digital connectivity

Creating an economy for all

Tackling health inequalities and providing the best possible care