Mini Manchester United fan Harvey Goodman, six, to walk 15 miles to Old Trafford to buy his pals a playground

The football-mad lad came up with the idea for the walk himself.

A six-year-old is taking his love of Manchester United to another level - by walking 15 miles to Old Trafford to help raise cash for a good cause.

Kind-hearted Harvey Goodman hopes the sponsored walk will bring in £3,000 to build a new playground at his school, Stockton Heath Primary in Cheshire.

Harvey will set off on the 15-mile trek down the Trans Pennine Trail travelling through Lymm, Altrincham and Sale finishing at Class of 92’s Hotel Football near Old Trafford - where he will be met by 50 relatives and pals.

Harvey Goodman from Stockton Heath at his beloved Old Trafford

Harvey’s headteacher, Dan Harding, who will be joining him on the walk said: “For a Year One child to plan to walk such an incredible distance to fundraise for his school is outstanding.

“Harvey is one of our school councillors and has really enjoyed learning about our plans to redevelop the EYFS and Forest School outdoor areas.

“He knows a huge amount of money is needed for our plans to become a reality so it’s great to see such a young child be so generous, selfless and thoughtful for the benefit of the wider school community and I am looking forward to undertaking this challenge alongside Harvey.”

Jess Southworth, director of sales at Hotel Football, said they were more than happy to host Harvey at the finish line, adding: “We are delighted to be able to support Harvey in his incredible effort to raise much needed funds for Stockton Heath Primary School Playground. The entire Class of 92 and Hotel Football team are behind Harvey and we’re looking forward to welcoming him, his headteacher and entire family into the hotel in the coming weeks.”

To donate, see Harvey’s JustGiving page here