Manchester train passengers find themselves sharing their journey with a newlywed bride and groom

The couple decided they would use the train to get to their reception after leaving the registry office in Manchester.

Train passengers in Manchester had a surprise when they found themselves sharing their journey with a newlywed couple.

Liam and Jennifer King decided to use a regular Northern service to get from Manchester registry office, where they had just tied the knot, to their wedding celebration in Stockport.

The happy couple jumped onto the train at Manchester Oxford Road for the journey to their reception.

Northern said it was also surprised to see a bride and groom boarding the train but congratulated them on their union.

How did a bride and groom end up getting the train to their celebration?

Liam and Jennifer officially became husband and wife at the registry office in the middle of Manchester and had a wedding celebration organised in Manchester for their relatives.

And the couple were so delighted when they emerged from the official proceedings in the city centre that they decided getting the train to the next part of the big day would be a fun idea.

With Jennifer in her white dress and Liam in his suit, the couple were quickly spotted when they arrived at Manchester Oxford Road.

Liam said: “We came out of the registry office and were heading to meet the family in Stockport. We were so very happy that we just started walking across town and decided to jump on the train.

“One of the station staff at Oxford Road came over to congratulate us and captured the moment on his camera. It’s certainly one for the wedding album!”

A happy union a long time in the making

Liam and Jennifer’s marriage is the culmination of a long path to happiness together which started out when they first exchanged glances as teenagers.

However, they then went their separate ways and both had children with now-former partners.

The pair were reunited through the dating app Plenty of Fish and they welcomed their baby daughter into their growing family in August 2018.

They had been due to marry on their five-year anniversary in July 2021, but the ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic.

Jennifer said: “It wasn’t until we’d been chatting on the app for a couple of days that we realised we actually knew each other from when we were younger.

“The last six years have been something of a whirlwind – but I couldn’t be happier.”

What has Northern said about Liam and Jennifer’s train journey?

Chris Jackson, regional director at Northern, said: “We welcome millions of passengers onto our services every year – but it’s not that often we get to take a bride and groom to their wedding party.

“On behalf of everyone at Northern we wish them all the best for the future.”