Manchester hairdressers and salons: 10 of the best places for a hair cut according to Google reviews

These are some of the places to get a hair cut in Manchester which have been highly rated on Google reviews by large numbers of people.

There is certainly no shortage of places in Manchester if you need to book a hair appointment, but some of the hairdressers and salons in the city are definitely a cut above the rest.

We’ve taken a trawl through Google reviews to see which places in and around the city centre have the highest scores and have been rated by a reasonable number of people.

As well as the 10 we’ve selected in the gallery, there are also a number of places which have the best 5.0 rating but have only been scored by a comparatively small number of people. These places nevertheless deserve honourable mentions.

They include: Shade Hair Mcr (20 ratings), Cheeky Bleach Hair Boutique (six ratings), Purple Rinse (six ratings), Tone Mcr (31 ratings), The Studio (19 ratings), Klub (25 ratings), Hairkingcallum (35 ratings) and The Salon MCR Life (15 ratings).

It should also be said that this is just a snapshot of some of the excellent, top-quality hairdressing venues in and around Manchester city centre. There are literally dozens with extremely good ratings of 4.5 or upwards on Google which you can look through and try out. All ratings and review numbers were correct at the time of publication on Sunday 29 January.

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