Manchester Airport queues: travellers share frustration over delays at security

Searches for ‘fast track security’ have spiked after reports of long queues and delays this week.

Passengers have shared their frustration at long queues and delays which have affected travel at Manchester Airport this week.

Problems first struck on Wednesday, with many frustrated travellers taking to social media to share photos of long lines of people and some claiming they missed their flights while waiting to clear security.

The airport apologised and blamed high traveller numbers, plus a large number of bags not meeting security requirements, but problems persisted into Thursday.

On Friday morning, an airport spokesman told ManchesterWorld they were not aware of any ‘significant’ issues currently, but the advice remains to arrive at the earliest time recommended by your individual airline, to allow time to pass through to departures.

Some passengers took to Twitter on Friday to say they bought fast track security passes and had managed to clear security without any big delays.