Development plan for new ‘15-minute neighbourhood’ in Salford with shops, homes and community areas unveiled

A masterplan for regenerating the area around Salford Central station has been drawn up.

Council bosses in Salford have approved a masterplan which forms the foundation of a huge development plan for the Chapel Wharf area of Salford.

The plan is the basis of regeneration around Salford Central station over the next two decades and Salford City Council bosses want it to be ‘a place that feeds the mind, body and soul’.

Walking and cycling routes will be improved, with ‘high quality’ public spaces. and there will be new shops, community areas and homes.

Town hall chiefs say they want to create a ‘sense of place’, without forgetting its industrious past, with the ultimate goal being a ’15 minute neighbourhood’.

It is hoped people will be in easy reach of jobs, culture, leisure activities and shops and exploration of historic buildings and ‘re-invented’ railway arches is a key priority, a report on the masterplan says.

Attractive community spaces and ‘family play streets’ are planned, as well as ‘secret’ gardens, growing spaces, ‘green streets’ and riverside walks along the Irwell.

Public transport will also be improved unde rthe masterplan, council bosses say.

What has Salford City Council said about the masterplan?

“Unlike adjacent areas, there is a clear lack of a cohesive vision for the Chapel Wharf area,” a report reads. “This is in large part due to the area not being covered by a formal framework.

“The potential of the Chapel Wharf area is significant, but without a clear vision and strategy to guide future development and investment, the full potential of the area and individual opportunities will not be exploited.

“This ultimately will result in the loss of development momentum, investment and strategic growth opportunities.

How the Flat Iron Square could end up looking if plans were to go ahead under the Chapel Wharf Development Framework

Therefore, early in 2020, Chapel Wharf was identified as a Regeneration priority and the need for a Development Framework to define the vision and strategy for Chapel Wharf over the next 15-20 years was recognised.

“The aim of the Development Framework is to guide development and infrastructure interventions. Ensuring that the area becomes a successful and vibrant community, playing its role in the ongoing transformation of city centre Salford.”