Bolton Council election results 2023: candidates and parties who won seats

Here are the full results for the Bolton Council elections in May 2023.
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Labour are now the largest party on Bolton Council after a night of high drama at ‘all out’ elections to decide who runs the borough. They gained seats from the Conservatives to finish the night with 26 councillors, the Tories, who previously controlled the council, lost 10 seats and now have 16.

At the count held at Bolton Arena, the Liberal Democrats gained a seat to leave them with six councillors and Horwich and Blackrod Independents swept the board in the town to leave them with six members, tripling their group’s number at the Town Hall. One Kearsley took all three seats in the Kearsley ward and Farnworth and Kearsley First now have two members, down from three.

There is one independent member, Derek Bullock, who was nominated as a Conservative but was later ditched from the party and will not retain the Tory whip at council meetings. Labour took two seats from the Conservatives in Rumworth ward and gained other seats from them in Astley Bridge, Hulton and Breightmet.

Cabinet member Toby Hewitt lost his seat in Hulton but other leading Conservatives including current council leader Martyn Cox and cabinet members Andy Morgan, Adele Warren, Nadim Muslim and Hilary Fairclough retained their councillor status.

The former leader of Oldham Council, Sean Fielding, made his political comeback by being being elected as a Labour councillor for Breightmet.

Despite Labour being the largest party when the final results were called at around 5am today, the council remains in no overall control as they fell short of the 31 member number needed for an overall majority of the 60-strong authority.

Asked if he expects to lead the council, Labour leader Nick Peel, said: “I will say to the independent parties and Lib Dems that the public of Bolton profoundly rejected the Tories. Please don’t prop up a lame duck Tory administration that has now been rejected. If they do that then yes I do expect to form an administration.”

Here are the full election results from Bolton Council:

Astley Bridge

ARMSTRONG MichealReform UK & Bolton for Change250
DEVEREUXMarkGreen Party418
FAIRCLOUGHHilary ConstanceThe Conservative Party Candidate2,031(elected)
HASLAMJames PeterLiberal Democrats257
MULLIGAN KevinLiberal Democrats175
RIMMERSamuel JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate1,594
SUTTONSteveLabour Party1,599
TAYLORKateLabour Party1,613 (elected)
TONGEJenniferLiberal Democrats170
WALSHJohnThe Conservative Party Candidate1,695 (elected)
ZAMANHaziqLabour Party1,339

Spoiled votes: Electorate: 11,442Turnout: 4,026Percentage turnout: 35.19%


BAGNALLDougLiberal Democrats249
CHALLENDERKateLabour Party1,224
DEANMudasirThe Conservative Party Candidate1,536(elected)
HARRISSandra JayneReform UK & Bolton for Change283
HOWARTHStephen FrederickLiberal Democrats347
KURESHISalimLabour Party990
LOVATBillLabour Party1,082
MOLLER JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate1,658 (elected)
ROBERTSONJimLiberal Democrats330
WEBBLesThe Conservative Party Candidate1,637(elected)

Spoiled votes: 11Electorate: 9,574Turnout: 3,355Percentage turnout: 35.04%


DEANMalaika Noor Aysha Jabeen TajThe Conservative Party Candidate1,146
FIELDINGSean EricLabour Party1,382 (elected)
GODFREYHughLiberal Democrats141
GREGORYDaleReform UK & Bolton for Change277
HARTIGANStuartThe Conservative Party Candidate1,232
MORRISEYRobert JohnLabor Party1,260(elected)
SAYERSJennifer AnnReform UK & Bolton for Change342
TURNER Carol JaneReform UK & Bolton for Change359
ULASI Uju RoselineLabour Party1,131
WARRENAdeleThe Conservative Party Candidate1,293 (elected)

Spoiled votes: 10Electorate: 10,705Turnout: 3,086Percentage turnout: 28.82%

Bromley Cross

ARMSTRONGLaura JaneReform UK & Bolton for Change338
ATTYClive RichardLiberal Democrats183
BROWNIan PhilipLabour Party1,201
CANNING Paul GerardLabour Party1,195
CONNORSamanthaThe Conservative Party Candidate1,903(elected)
COWENAmyThe Conservative Party Candidate1,883(elected)
COXGaynor LouiseLabour Party1,047
HARRISON LeeGreen Party343
MARSDENRolandReform UK & Bolton for Change153
MUSLIMNadimThe Conservative Party Candidate1,627(elected)
PERRIGOAmyReform UK & Bolton for Change173
TURNER-ALLENLizLiberal Democrats125
WILKESJennLiberal Democrats191

Spoiled votes: 6Electorate: 9,742Turnout: 3,633Percentage turnout: 37.29%

Farnworth North

ARMSTRONGJennifer MaryReform UK & Bolton for Change520
AYUBNadeemLabour Party1,580(elected)
CONNORDavid ArthurLiberal Democrats114
CONNORWendyLiberal Democrats133
HAWORTHSusanLabour Party1,508(elected)
HOODBethanyThe Conservative Party Candidate272
HUNTERColin StewartLiberal Democrats72
KHURRAMHamid AliLabour Party1,598(elected)
KOCHITTYPhilipGreen Party241
LAWLORKirstyReform UK & Bolton for Change341
MAHMOODRaja TalatThe Conservative Party Candidate567
TYLERRobertThe Conservative Party Candidate347
WHITWORTHSharonReform UK & Bolton for Change487

Spoiled votes: 15Electorate: 9,912Turnout: 2,900Percentage turnout: 29.2%

Farnworth South

ALOM KubbarThe Conservative Party Candidate114
ARMSTRONGJeffReform UK & Bolton for Change381
COOPERRichard MauriceLiberal Democrats65
DAVDAZahraThe Conservative Party Candidate105
FLITCROFTMaureen AnnFarnworth & Kearsley First Party1,184(elected)
GILLIESJeanLiberal Democrats137
KHANWajLabour Party846
MACPHERSONChristine JoyceLiberal Democrats67
MISTRYChampakLabour Party900(elected)
SANDERSPaul DavidFarnworth & Kearsley First Party1,173(elected)
SCHOFIELDJackieLabour Party877
YATESNatalieThe Conservative Party Candidate171

Spoiled votes: 6Electorate: 9,536Turnout: 2,395Percentage turnout: 25.1%

Great Lever

ALOMMahboobGreen Party280
AYUBMohammedLabour Party2,410(elected)
FARRELLMichael JohnLiberal Democrats118
HONKaren FrancesLabour Party2,048(elected)
IQBALMohammedLabour Party2, 288(elected)
JONESTaylorReform UK & Bolton for Change170
LEARMONTHDuncanLiberal Democrats101
MACPHERSONDuncan AlexanderLiberal Democrats84
NAZARMalik MuzafarThe Conservative Party Candidate1,580
OWENSusanThe Conservative Party Candidate970
PATHANSajidkhanThe Conservative Party Candidate950
WORTHINGTONPhillip JamesReform UK & Bolton for Change161

Spoiled votes: 39Electorate: 11,377Turnout: 4,150Percentage turnout: 36.5%


CRYERNormanReform UK & Bolton for Change216
FITZSIMMONSGareth JamesReform UK & Bolton for Change185
GODFREYFrancineLiberal Democrats150
HAJIMohamedThe Conservative Party Candidate1,834
JIVARabiyaLabour Party 2,080(elected)
KAYKennethLiberal Democrats99
MCLOUGHLINMartinGreen Party171
MORRISKevinLabour Party1,911(elected)
NIGHTINGALEDaveReform UK & Bolton for Change168
PATELSafwaanLabour Party1,983 (elected)
PATELSiraj SulemanThe Conservative Party Candidate1,715
STONEGordonLiberal Democrats102
UGHARADARFarukThe Conservative Party Candidate1,683

Spoiled votes: 28Electorate: 10,329Turnout: 4,219Percentage turnout: 40.85%

Heaton, Lostock & Chew Moor

CAMPBELLGordonThe Independent Choice684
CHADWICKSteven JohnThe Independent Choice541
COXMartyn AndrewThe Conservative Party Candidate2,112 (elected)
FAIRHURSTRebekah Susan MaryLiberal Democrats299
FISHERLynLabour Party1,184
GALLOWAYAnneThe Conservative Party Candidate2,054(elected)
GILLATTJohn WilliamLabour Party1,169
HALLIWELL (PRF,)AbrahamIndependent 30
KUGATHASJanahan KandiahLabour Party1,095
MARTIN PaulLiberal Democrats285
MCGREAVYGrahamReform UK & Bolton for Change278
MORGANAndyThe Conservative Party Candidate2,010(elected)
PRIESTJimLiberal Democrats288
ROCKStephen MichaelThe Independent Choice 396

Spoiled votes: 10Electorate: 11,189Turnout: 4,515Percentage turnout: 40.35%

Horwich North

ALOMKubbarGreen Party
BAINESMichaelThe Conservative Party Candidate625
BAMFORTHRyanHorwich & Blackrod First Independents 1,910 (elected)
CARREddieReform UK & Bolton for Change158
ELLIOTTRichardThe Conservative Party Candidate427
FAIRHURSTGeoffrey AlanLiberal Democrats116
JARVISMikeLabour Party1,392
KYLEMatthewThe Conservative Party Candidate435
MCKEONKevinLabour Party1,467
RIESCORodGreen Party238
RIGBYVictoria EliseHorwich & Blackrod First Independents1,494(elected)
ROTHERAMCraigHorwich & Blackrod First Independents1,709(elected)
TURNER-ALLENMattLiberal Democrats214
TURNER-PREECECaroline AnneLiberal Democrats90
WATKINSamanthaLabour Party1,193

Spoiled votes: 8Electorate: 11,093Turnout: 4,033Percentage turnout: 36.36%

Horwich South & Blackrod

ALKERHelenGreen Party206
BAINESSusan MaryThe Conservative Party Candidate752
BUTLERGeorgeLabour Party674
FAIRHURSTSylvia MaryLiberal Democrats93
GRANTDavid JamesHorwich & Blackrod First Independents1,481(elected)
KHANFazeelahLabour Party766
MOHAMMADNadirLabour Party747
NORRIS PaulThe Conservative Party Candidate 542
RICHARDSLoren Jo-AnnReform UK & Bolton for Change113
TURNER- PREECEScott JamesLiberal Democrats55
WILLIAMSON Samantha Louise Angela Horwich & Blackrod First Independents1,272(elected)
WRIGHTHannahThe Conservative Party Candidate499
WRIGHTPeterHorwich & Blackrod First Independents1,316(elected)
YOUNGEOllieLiberal Democrats93

Spoiled votes: 10Electorate: 9,685Turnout: 3,215Percentage turnout: 33.20%


ARMSTRONGRachelReform UK & Bolton for Change298
BULLOCKDerekThe Conservative Party Candidate1,400 (elected)
GRADWELLDerek JohnLiberal Democrats182
HEWITTTobyThe Conservative Party Candidate1,395
HOUGHRyan MichaelLiberal Democrats147
KHANAalainaLabour Party1,412 (elected)
LOWERobReform UK & Bolton for Change262
MAHERLinda ChristineLiberal Democrats163
PATELShafiThe Conservative Party Candidate1,331
PRATHEEPANLoganLabour Party1,346
SHAIKHShafaqatLabour Party1,431 (elected)
SHEPHERDWendy AnnGreen Party362

Spoiled votes: 14Electorate: 10,528Turnout: 3,535Percentage turnout: 32.8%


AMEDUMusaLabour Party357
COOPERCharlesLiberal Democrats28
CRODENLewisThe Conservative Party Candidate127
CUNNINGHAMMarkThe Conservative Party Candidate270
GORMANEddieLabour Party385
HALLWORTHSophieLabour Party411
HESLOPPaulOne Kearsley1,343 (elected)
LIVESEYMelanieOne Kearsley1,121 (elected)
NEWALLDebbieOne Kearsley1,350 (elected)
PATTISONJulieReform UK & Bolton for Change180
RATCLIFFEGlenysThe Conservative Party Candidate221
STRAWBRIDGEChristine AnneLiberal Democrats26
STRAWBRIDGEJohn WilliamLiberal Democrats14
WILKINSONTracey Louise EdenFarnworth & Kearsley First Party686

Spoiled votes: 5Electorate: 9,192Turnout: 2,414Percentage turnout: 26.3%

Little Lever & Darcy Lever

ASGHARNailaLiberal Democrats85
BARNARDLiamLabour Party964 (elected)
FISKJoLabour Party785
GIBBONReesLittle Lever & Darcy Lever First582
HARRISKathryn AndreaReform UK & Bolton for Change472
HORNBYSean ColinLittle Lever & Darcy Lever First664
JOHNSONSimonReform UK & Bolton for Change333
KHANFredThe Conservative Party Candidate801
MARTINSusieLiberal Democrats113
MEEHANDavidThe Conservative Party Candidate986(elected)
SPROATBobLabour Party732
TAYLOR-BURKEAndreaThe Conservative Party Candidate1,213(elected)
VARNAMBrettReform UK & Bolton for Change313
WILKINSONMichael RobertLiberal Democrats69

Spoiled votes: 9Electorate: 9,591Turnout: 3,002Percentage turnout: 31.3%

Queens Park & Central

AJWANIHetanThe Conservative Party Candidate354
BALLStewart Malcolm Liberal Democrats163
BUTTHafiz TahirThe Conservative Party Candidate347
EARPTracey AnnReform UK & Bolton for Change217
HARVEYSandraReform UK & Bolton for Change189
ISHERWOODMichael Justin KayLiberal Democrats147
MASSEYAnthonyNorthern Heart UK Bolton101
SHAH ShahjahanThe Conservative Party Candidate284
SILVESTERRichardLabour Party1,625(elected)
THOMASLinda CarolLabour Party1,561(elected)
TONGEAndrew JohnLiberal Democrats116
ZAMAN AkhtarLabour Party1,672(elected)

Spoiled votes: 11Electorate: 9,818Turnout: 2,495Percentage turnout: 24.53%


ABDULLAHRosyThe Conservative Party Candidate1,829
ALISajidLabour Party2,484(elected)
ATCHAAbdul AzizLabour Party2,491(elected)
DAVDAYusufThe Conservative Party Candidate1,975
HAYESJalehLiboral Democrats99
JOHNSONAlanGreen Party374
JOHNSONGlenys AnnGreen Party296
KHANAmjidLabour Party2,238 (elected)
PATEL CHOTAAyyubThe Conservative Party Candidate2,019
SPEAKMANColinReform UK & Bolton for Change163

Spoiled votes: 24Electorate: 11,436Turnout: 4,983Percentage turnout: 43.6%


AKHTARZeeshanLabour Party828
ATTENBOROUGHVickiGreen Party286
FORSHAWCarolThe Conservative Party Candidate473
GILLATTNoeleneLabour Party922
HAYESRoger Geoffrey CliffeLiberal Democrats1,944 (elected)
NORRIS CathrynThe Conservative Party Candidate393
PRIESTSueLiberal Democrats1,867(elected)
SESAYSorieLabour Party871
SHAWHelenReform UK & Bolton for Change203
TAYLORDouglasThe Conservative Party Candidate359
TONGEStephenReform UK & Bolton for Change171
VEEVERSGarry NeilLiberal Democrats1,687(elected)

Spoiled votes: 10Electorate: 10,503Turnout: 3,643Percentage turnout: 34.69%

Tonge with the Haulgh

BAINSelenaThe Conservative Party Candidate773
DONAGHYMartinLabour and Co-Operative Party1,518 (elected)
FORRESTRebecca AnnLiberal Democrats194
HARASIWKAFrankoLiberal Democrats155
HARASIWKARosalindLiberal Democrats159
JONESTrevorReform UK & Bolton for Change527
LANEJodie LouiseThe Conservative Party Candidate726
MCALLISTERAlexander John MellNorthern Heart UK Bolton117
MORTEmily Grace AmeliaLabour and Co-Operative Party1,401 (elected)
PEELNickLabor and Co-Operative Party1,446(elected)
TULLYCiaranThe Conservative Party Candidate727

Spoiled votes: 8Electorate: 11,238Turnout: 2,873Percentage turnout: 25.07%

Spoiled votes: 12Electorate: 10,209Turnout: 3,312Percentage turnout: 32.44%

Spoiled votes: 31Electorate: 10,292Turnout: 3,205Percentage turnout: 31.14%