Art is Light: young creatives to tell their stories at immersive installation in Manchester

An empty office space is being transformed into a bold display in a street art style for one night only.

Art is Light is an installation put together by Hattrick and Manchester Street Poem

Young creatives will transform an empty office space into a bold and immersive art installation discussing how culture helps them to make sense of the world.

The vacant unit at Exchange Quay in Salford will be turned into the home of the Art is Light display.

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The project is a partnership between content marketing agency Hattrick and Manchester Street Poem, which produces large works in a distinctive street art style.

Art is Light will be available to view for just one night on Monday 13 December.

What is Art is Light?

Art is Light brings together three young storytellers who will tell of their own experiences about how art helps them to make sense of the world.

The trio of young adults have all experienced some form of social isolation of one kind or another.

The project started with a workshop exploring what the idea of art meant to them.

They have then been creating the installation people will see in The Boat Shed at Exchange Quay in Manchester Street Poem’s distinctive style, with a street art feel and large white letters on dark backgrounds.

The installation Art is Light will be in Manchester Street Poem’s distinctive style

Simon Leroux, project manager at Manchester Street Poem, said: “This is a big installation, because everything we do is big.

“There are three parts to it and they will look quite similar but also be very personal to each person.

“It will explore what they get out of art and the challenges art helps them to overcome.

“It’s about how art helps them make sense of the world. I think sometimes when you just sit and think and try to make sense of things in your mind it’s not as easy as when you bring it out into another dimension, whether that’s writing, painting or sketching in a book.

“We’ve developed this style because we find it a great leveller that allows people to engage on the same terms. We can also put pieces together and make them

Who are the organisations involved?

Art is Light is a collaboration between Hattrick and Manchester Street Poem.

Hattrick has been running 10 years and is currently building up its social and environmental work alongside its core business of providing marketing solution, mainly for firms working in the built environment sector.

It has been collaborating with Liverpool social project Make Bank, the brainchild of designer Kirsty Thomas, which makes kit available so people from disadvantaged backgrounds can pursue their interests in areas of art such as photography, textiles or ceramics.

The exhibition is also taking place on a Monday as the company’s founder is Swedish and in Sweden 13 December is the festival of Lucia, which marks the start of the festive season and is about light overcoming the darkness.

Manchester Street Poem, meanwhile, came together in 2017 to do work for Manchester International Festival and involved people who had lived experience of homelessness alongside professionals working in the area.

Manchester Street Poem has teamed up with Hattrick for immersive art installation Art is Light

They produced a huge installation on Oldham Road and decided after the festival to keep working together, becoming an arts charity in 2020.

Rachael Crowe, head of insight at Hattrick, said: “We were looking at what we could do and were really inspired when we came across Manchester Street Poem.

“There’s a really nice alignment here with helping young people see their true potential.”

When is Art is Light?

Art is Light is available to view on Monday 13 December between 4pm and 7.30pm.

It is free but on an invite-only basis. Attendance can be requested online.