Veganuary 2023: seven great places to get vegan food in Manchester

Cutting out animal products doesn’t mean you can’t find brilliant food in Manchester’s great selection of vegan-friendly restaurants.

It’s that time of the year again when many people ditch the dairy and abandon animal products for the first month of the year and try some vegan recipes. Veganuary has become a popular way to spend January and if you’re going vegan for the month in Manchester you are in the right place.

The hospitality industry has suffered a good deal of upheaval over the last couple of years and the vegan food scene has been no exception, with popular haunts in the city such as V-Rev and Vertigo closing their doors, at a time when big chain cafes like Greggs and Starbucks are expanding their vegan options.

However, Manchester is still a great place to eat plant-based food, with everything from fine dining to fast food to quick lunches and healthy options available across the city. And as Veganuary has grown in popularity, more and more establishments have been trying out plant-based cooking in January to encourage people through the doors.

Whether you’re looking for a special evening meal or a sandwich on the go, here’s our guide to seven places you can tuck in this Veganuary and beyond.