Netflix to bring Squid Game’s animatronic doll to the Trafford Centre

The iconic animatronic doll from Netflix’s record breaking show, Squid Game, is coming to The Trafford Centre in Manchester on Saturday.

Netflix is to delight their Manchester fan-base as a replica of the iconic animatronic doll from Squid Game is heading to the Trafford Centre on Saturday. Fans over 16, can interact with the doll, as it’s fully functioning, complete with light up eyes and singing capabilities.

The doll will stand at a modest three metres tall, and it will be accompanied by Squid Game costumed guards, with fans being able to capture videos and photo’s of both the guards and the doll.

Cookies will also be available at The Trafford Centre, each carved with unique shapes from the series.

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    The doll is making the rounds at iconic shopping centres up and down the country. It first appeared in Shepherd’s Bush at London’s Westfield Shopping centre on Halloween, and now due to appear at not only Manchester’s Trafford Centre, but also at Birmingham’s Grand Central Station this Saturday, November 6.

    Squid Game has become a world-wide sensation and has smashed numerous Netflix records, becoming the streaming service’s most popular Netflix series to date, pipping other popular shows such Bridgerton, You and Sex Education.

    As of the end of October, Netflix confirmed that the show has been watched in a staggering 142 million households.

    Fans in Hong Kong dress up as Squid Game characters for Halloween

    It took more than 10 years for Hwang Dong-Hyuk to get the green light for Squid Game to get made, and he experienced multiple rejections in that time. In just 17 days, it amassed over 111 million global fans to sent it into the stratosphere to become Netflix’s biggest series launch of all time.

    The series is based around money. A invitation is sent to people who are in dire need, and desperate for money.

    A total of 456 people are locked in a secret location, where they play multiple games in order to win 45.6 billion.

    Korean children’s games such as red light, green light are played. But, the consequence for losing is death.

    Squid Game continues to break records to this day, and according to an internal Netflix document, Squid Game has so far generated around £650 million in impact value for Netflix.