Manchester arts hub HOME announces 2022-23 theatre season: what’s on and when & five picks from the programme

From productions casting a fresh light on classic plays to explosive hip-hop dance shows, there’s something for everyone on the packed programme.

Manchester culture hub HOME has unveiled its 2022-23 theatre season - and there’s something for everyone on the way.

The packed programme features a range of co-productions, UK premieres, visiting companies and returning artists putting on shows which celebrate the world we live in today while exploring key themes of identity, family, belonging, migration and home.

It’s a very varied list, bringing in everything from reimaginings of acclaimed theatrical masterpieces to cutting-edge contemporary performances.

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    We’ve taken a look at the schedule and picked out five shows you won’t want to miss.


    Artistic director Amit Lahav, together with Gecko’s extraordinary ensemble of international devising performers, present a provocative story of desperation and compassion to kick off the season.

    As a young child in 1932, Leah embarked on an epic journey from Yemen to Palestine. Ninety years later, her grandson imagines the voyage her family made to escape persecution and build a better life.

    The show explores the subjects of migration, racism, empathy and home in Gecko’s unique style of poetic theatrical storytelling.

    Kin is on from Tuesday 27 September to Saturday 1 October and tickets range from £10 to £24.

    Blak Whyte Gray

    Fierce and affecting, this galvanising hip-hop dance performance reflects themes of identity, oppression and transcendence.

    It’s a personal response to the world by Boy Blue which asks questions about breaking free of systems and reawakening roots and cultures. Having travelled aroud the world, Blak Whyte Gray’s return to Manchester is sure to be hotly anticipated.

    Blak Whyte Gray. Photo: Carl Fox

    The show is on from Thursday 20 October to Saturday 22 October, and tickets are priced from £10 to £21.

    The Cherry Orchard

    Chekhov’s masterpiece is a well-established play in the repertoire of theatres around the world, but Vinay Patel has reimagined it for the 21st century and the world premiere will be staged at HOME.

    An old starship travels through space, almost at the speed of light, searching for a home billions of miles from earth. Like their ancestors before them, the crew were born on this ship, the voyage is all they’ve ever known.

    Vinay Patel has reimagined The Cherry Orchard

    But when a planet in a habitable zone is spotted there is tension between Captain Ramesh, who is adamant they can’t leave the ship, and those who wants to abandon the journey and set themselves down in a new world.

    The Cherry Orchard is on from Wednesday 2 November to Saturday 19 November, with tickets between £10 and £20.

    Too Much World At Once

    On his 15th birthday, Noble transforms into a bird. Thousands of miles away, his sister Cleo is stationed on a remote island with the British Antarctic Survey. The birds have disappeared, and Noble needs to reach her.

    Lying low until it’s time to take flight, he finds solace in misfit Ellis while his mum Fiona desperately tries to stop their home from falling apart.

    A lyrical, theatrical journey that spans continents and lives, Too Much World at Once written by Billie Collins and brought to the stage by Manchester-based company Box of Tricks is a coming-of-age story for current times.

    It is being staged from Friday 3 March to Saturday 11 March, and tickets are £12.50.

    Of all the Beautiful Things in the World

    Writer and director Yusra Warsama takes Lorca’s classic play The House of Bernada Alba as inspiration for a powerful new production which transports the great writer’s language to a Manchester home in Moss Side.

    A woman tries to protect her adult daughters from what feels like a rapidly-shifting world after the death of their father, but it’s the futile effort of a mother pushing invisible dark edges away.

    Yusra Warsama’s new show Of All the Beautiful Things in the World transports Lorca to Moss Side. Phto: Shirlaine Forrest

    The play explores clashes and differences between the generations in a mixture of proverbs, social media messages, nomadic tones, south Manchester accents and the relentless feeling of otherness in the world.

    The play will be staged in Theatre 2 between Friday 24 March and Saturday 15 April, with tickets £15.

    How do I buy tickets for any of the shows?

    Tickets for all the shows in HOME’s 2022-2023 theatre season are on sale to the general public now. Find out more at the venue’s website here.

    Anyone who buys full-priced tickets before Sunday 31 July can also get 15% off with an exclusive Early Bird discount.

    What has been said about the new season?

    Dave Moutrey, director and CEO of HOME, said: “I’m excited to be announcing this ambitious and collaborative season of theatre for 2022/23.

    “Continuing our work with incredible partners and talented artists across the North West and beyond, it’s a real pleasure to offer such a diverse programme.

    “The season strongly reflects the values of HOME, celebrating culture and exploring the world we live in. We look forward to sharing this work with our audiences.”