How to swap second-hand clothes for free beer at the Trafford Centre

A brewery and a charity have joined forces in an attempt to reduce clothing waste this winter.

Manchester residents can swap their second-hand clothes for free beer at the Trafford Centre after a brewery and a charity teamed up in an effort to cut down on clothing waste this winter.

The retail hub is hosting the Camden Chilly TRAID Off, a collaboration between Camden Town Brewery and clothes waste concern TRAID, as part of a nationwide tour. Residents can bring along any unworn or pre-loved clothing they have in their homes and are keen to get rid of and can get their hands on the brewery’s new seasonal winter brew in exchange.

Here’s what you need to know about when the event is happening and why.

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    What is the Camden Chilly TRAID Off and when is it coming to Manchester?

    The Camden Chilly TRAID Off is coming to the Trafford Centre on Thursday 17 November. The event will take place from noon until 4pm.

    The brewery and charity will have a van parked up at the retail centre. Shoppers and visitors can bring along their unwanted second-hand clothing and give it to the organisers of the event. In return, they will receive a can of Chilly, Cold IPA, the new winter creation by Camden Town Brewery.

    The 6% beer is brewed with Camden’s original lager yeast but at a warmer temperature. It has refreshing flaked rice and wheat notes, is hazy and uses New World hops for strong fruity flavours as well as freshness. It will only be available during the coldest months of the year so beer fans will have to move fast if they want to try it out.

    Swap second-hand clothes for free beer at the Trafford Centre this week

    The Camden Chilly TRAID Off is visiting Manchester and other UK cities this week in an attempt to reduce clothing waste and encouraging consumers to shop more sustainably for their wardrobes.

    Research from TRAID has found that 300,000 tonnes of clothing end up in landfill every year in the UK. It is estimated that 40% of this is in reusable condition. It is also thought that Brits have around 1.6 billion pieces of unworn clothing in their wardrobes, and Camden is hoping to get people to think about this during the winter and the festive period.

    What has been said about the event?

    Jose Baladron, TRAID’s recycling development manager, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Camden Town Brewery to keep clothes in use for longer. Our wardrobes are full of clothes we no longer wear or need and extending the life of the clothes we already have is one of the most environmentally beneficial things we can do to reduce our waste, water and carbon footprints.”

    Fred Nesbitt, head of marketing at Camden Town Brewery, said: “We are so excited to be working with TRAID again for the Camden Chilly TRAID Off. There’s nothing we love more than good beer for a good cause, and we are encouraging Brits to dig deep into the back of their wardrobe this winter, to come down and donate any unwanted coats or jackets in exchange for our freshest new IPA.

    “We usually have the pleasure of visiting Manchester and Leeds in summer for our Tank Party Tour, so we are really looking forward to heading on tour again this Chilly season.”