Edweena Banger: the former Sex Pistols roadie from Wythenshawe who changed gender and is now a solo star

Edweena Banger joined the music industry as a roadie for the legendary punks the Sex Pistols - but now she’s carving out her own solo music career.

Edweena Banger was born Edward Garrity and raised in Wythenshawe, Manchester, and shared a love of all things glam with school friend Mick Rossi, who went on to form Slaughter & the Dogs.

This lead to Ed being a roadie at the Sex Pistols’ legendary second Manchester gig in 1976, Slaughter & the Dogs being support.

Following this Ed formed The Nosebleeds, and became a fixture in the 1977 punk wars, later being invited by Mick to be part of a new look Slaughter & the Dogs, releasing ‘Bite Back’ in 1980.

However, Edweena said that confusion, and suppression of who she really was, was a constant, and at the age of 40, she decided to become her true self as a trans woman.

She has now released her second solo album ‘Diamond Rocks’.

Written during lockdown, the album continues the story of ‘Diamond’, a trans escort who rises to cult status on the rock circuit after leaving the old profession to join a glam rock band. Self-produced, and like its predecessor all songs written and performed by multi-instrumentalist Edweena.