Old Trafford: 15 photos showing evolution of Man Utd’s stadium over the last century plus redevelopment latest

Manchester United’s home ground has gone through many guises and appearances in more than a century of hosting football matches, as this pictorial trip through time shows.

Manchester United are considering redeveloping their Old Trafford ground once again, with fans’ opinions having been sought in a consultation and a team brought on board to draw up plans.

If changes at the stadium, which it has been suggested could take capacity as high as 88,000, come to fruition, it will be the latest in a long line of alterations at the famous ground, known as the Theatre of Dreams. Collette Roche, United’s chief operating officer, recently told fans that it was “possible but not easy” to redevelop the stadium and that it was being looked into in more detail.

Old Trafford has been hosting football matches for more than a century, and has gone through many different guises and appearances in that time, with the capacity changing significantly over the decades as well.

We’ve taken a look in the archives and put together this striking gallery of 15 images showing how Old Trafford has changed over the decades.

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