Where do Manchester United and Manchester City’s weekly wage bills compare to the other 18 Premier League clubs?

Incredible weekly wages of Man Utd and Man City stars vs rivals plus every club’s highest earner - gallery

The two Manchester clubs are amongst the highest spenders in the division alongside Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

The Premier League is the richest league in world football with clubs able to offer star players the kind of wages that other teams could only dream of.

However, there is quite the difference in weekly expenditure on players between the historic bigger clubs in the division and some of the smaller teams. Using data released by salarysport.com, we’ve taken a look at the weekly (and yearly) wages that each club is paying out as well as the highest earning individual player at each club.

Here are all 20 Premier League clubs, including Manchester City and Manchester United, ranked from lowest to highest by their weekly wage bill and the highest earning player at each club.

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