The 13 times VAR has been left apologising including Man Utd clashes with Arsenal and Wolves - gallery

VAR and the PGMOL are getting well versed in apologies and Manchester United has been involved in some of those poor refereeing moments.

The fiery debate around the use of VAR in the Premier League reached a new level of frustration last weekend as PGMOL apologised to Liverpool for 'serious human error' in their defeat to Tottenham Hotspur.

Manchester United supporters have also felt aggrieved by the refereeing technology since its introduction in 2019. The system has improved the game at times but had football lovers banging their heads against the wall at others.

The Red Devils have seen free kicks fly in that should have been retaken but also benefited from disallowed goals and missed penalties in moments that have had VAR officials with their tails between their legs.

Sporting News counted down all the times VAR has been left having to apologise for errors and ManchesterWorld looks through those controversial incidents.