Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher disagree over what Man Utd should do with Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United face a big dilemma over Cristiano Ronaldo, and it is splitting opinion between pundits.

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher have disagreed over the Cristiano Ronaldo situation.

Ronaldo faces an uncertain future at Old Trafford, with reports aplenty claiming he has demanded an exit this summer.

Talk suggests the Portuguese superstar wants to play Champions Leaguefootball this season, and that’s not something United can offer.

It has been claimed Ronaldo wants out a year before his contract expires, and the news has rocked the boat going into the new season.

The question marks are likely to remain for the rest of the summer window, and it could be a big problem for United as they look to take a big step up from last season.

So, how should United resolve the issue? According to club legend turned Sky Sports pundit Keane, they should do all they can to keep their treasured superstar.

“You have to try and keep Ronaldo because he’s a brilliant player but we don’t know Ronaldo’s behaviour when he’s back in the building,” said Keane.

“I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as everyone’s making out. When you’re a manager, trouble comes your way, he has to deal with it.

“I think it can work out well for United. My worry is if he stays and United don’t start great, and he’s resentful to the manager, then it could get ugly.”

Liverpool legend Carragher doesn’t agree, though, claiming United should offload Ronaldo to protect Erik ten Hag as the Dutchman looks to lead a new era.

“I'd move Ronaldo on, it'd be the first thing I'd do if I was Ten Hag coming in,” Carragher added.

Liverpool star turned pundit Jamie Carragher.

“He's almost bigger than the club and we are talking about one of the biggest clubs in the world, and Ronaldo is one of the few players who could be classed like that alongside Lionel Messi.

“You can put up with that if he's one of the best players in the world - I don't think he is right now. I agree with Jamie, he was United's best outfield player last season but I always go back to how big Man Utd is as a club.

“It won't fall apart because Ronaldo is not there, even if they haven't got a centre-forward to go straight in. The year before last they scored more goals than when Ronaldo was there.

“When Guardiola went into Barcelona, Ronaldinho and Deco were gone, Joe Hart was gone as soon as he came into Manchester City.

“I just think it will make Ten Hag look really strong and send a message to the rest of the dressing room.

“Whether there are any takers there, I don't know but the Ronaldo circus will never go away from the manager or the club the longer he's there. The quicker he deals with it, the better.”