Most VAR decisions in Premier League history: How Man Utd & Man City rank compared to Liverpool & more - gallery

A look at the VAR decisions since the technology's introduction to see where Manchester City and Manchester United rank among their rivals.

Manchester City and Manchester United fans, like many Premier League supporters, will still be split over VAR and how it is used. But how has it impacted the two clubs over the years?

The Premier League has had VAR since 2019, and it's fair to say it has caused plenty of controversy - the very thing it aimed to eliminate. Years after its introduction, VAR decisions are still overshadowing much of the football. But to see how it has impacted each of the Premier League teams, we decided to calculated the net result of the technology, which is calculated by taking all VAR-aided decisions since its introduction, calculating how many many each club has had in its favour and otherwise and using the two figures to get a net result.

Take a look below to see where City and United rank in the all-time standings, and just keep in mind that 'neutral' decisions refer to incidents that don't significantly impact either team in a given game, such as mistaken identity.

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