Manchester United shirt sponsor: Red Devils in hunt for new sponsorship deal as Teamviewer pulls plug

Manchester United are in the hunt for a new front-of-shirt sponsorship as their old deal with TeamViewer has ended unexpectedly.

Manchester United will no longer be sponsored by TeamViewer, their current front-of-shirt sponsor. They have been one of the Red Devils’ main sponsors since March 2021, signing with United during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The deal, which was initially worth £235 million (£47 million per year), has ended earlier than expected. Initially, the deal with TeamViewer was expected to last until 2026. United will still have the option to buy back the rights to the sponsorship, according to a club statement.

TeamViewer will, however, remain on Manchester United’s kits until a new sponsorship deal is completed - the company will also retain their status as a club partner. United’s most recent main sponsor since TeamViewer was Chevrolet, which was emblazoned across the front of the kit from 2015 to 2021 and was worth £64 million a year.

In the past, Manchester United have been sponsored by many high-profile businesses and companies. Among them are Sharp, Vodafone and AON.

A statement released by Manchester United reads: "After a period of collaborative, private discussions over the past months, Manchester United and TeamViewer AG have reached a mutually-beneficial agreement under which Manchester United shall have the option to buy back the rights to the club’s shirt front sponsorship. Having agreed its partnership with TeamViewer at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Manchester United will be taking the opportunity to commence a focused sales process for a new shirt front partner in a normalised market.

"Once a new shirt front partner is selected and takes on this role, TeamViewer will continue as a valued member of Manchester United’s suite of global partners, providing Manchester United with remote connectivity solutions, until the end of the original contract term in 2026. Since July 2021, TeamViewer has benefitted from unparalleled global exposure as the most talked-about shirt front partner in world football, following the most visible launch for a football club partner in the digital era.”