Gary Neville would prefer Cristiano Ronaldo-esque Kylian Mbappe at Man Utd to Mohamed Salah

The former United defender would like the club to sign Mbappe over Salah due to his potential.

Gary Neville would prefer Manchester United to sign Cristiano Ronaldo-esque Kylian Mbappe over Mohammed Salah.

The former Red Devils defender claims his decision to favour Mbappe over Salah has nothing to do with the latter playing for Liverpool, but the former having the potential to be ‘out-of-this-world’.

“At times earlier in the season, Salah was at a level that was the best in the world, and he still could be,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“But if you said to me I could sign one player for Manchester United tomorrow, I would still probably go for Mbappe or [Erling] Haaland over Salah.

“It’s not a Liverpool thing, I think Salah is absolutely amazing, but I just think Mbappe has got the ability to be out-of-this-world special.


“There is no doubt Salah is world class, but Mbappe has got something different, that edge, something that is that good, it could make him one of the true greats.”

Mbappe at only 23 has won 11 major honours at club level, while lifting the World Cup with France in 2018 and the Nations League three years later.

Neville went on to compare the Paris-Saint Germain forward to the likes of Thierry Henry and Ronaldo, dubbing Mbappe as ‘ruthless’.

“In terms of excitement, in terms of thrill, in terms of speed, Mbappe is absolutely sensational,” Neville added.

“He reminds me of Thierry Henry, but he’s also got a bit of Cristiano Ronaldo in him – he is ruthless.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring for Manchester United. Credit: Getty.


‘He needs to win the Champions League with PSG this season, that would be the ultimate thing for him. The Champions League, and another World Cup, would be the crowning glory for Mbappe to succeed Ronaldo and Messi.

“I’m not saying he needs to win those trophies to become the best player in the world, but it cements your position if you play for the teams that win either of those trophies. For Mbappe, he knows silverware and honours go with that greatness.

“Mbappe’s last-minute goal against Real Madrid in the Champions League was absolutely sensational. The great players win tournaments, they win big competitions, they are influential in big competitions. Mbappe is at that level now.”

As mentioned above, Neville is a fan of Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland, especially his ‘personality and character’.

“I like Haaland’s personality,” Neville said.

“I like that fact he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s got a bit of Eric Cantona in him, he’s the modern-day version if you like.


"People call it arrogant, I get that, but he has the ability to back it up. You can’t teach that. Football needs people like him, it needs personality. We want players with something about them. For every angel, we want a Haaland, a young personality who doesn’t do things perfectly.

"We want professional, well-behaved people, but we also want personality and character and people who are willing to go against the norm, that is what Haaland does."