Gary Neville suggests Manchester United should demolish Old Trafford and build new ‘super stadium’

The former United defender shared his thoughts on reports that Old Trafford could be demolished and a new stadium rebuilt in its place.

Gary Neville has suggested Manchester United demolish Old Trafford and build a ‘super stadium’ in its place.

The former United defender has addressed the future of the ground after there were reports suggesting Old Trafford could be demolished, despite the club ‘favouring’ a redeveloped plan, as per the Manchester Evening News.

However, due to the Red Devils ‘falling behind’ to other clubs with more modern stadiums, Neville thinks his former club would be ‘better off’ building a new stadium.

Speaking on his Instagram page, Neville said: "There is a story emerging from Old Trafford that they might rebuild the entire stadium and I have just been asked what I think of it.

Manchester United host Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. Credit: Getty.

"I actually think that it would be the right move. I think by the time that they have spent money on Old Trafford, the existing one, then I think you would be better off building a brand new, better, super stadium.


"I do think that Manchester United should always be at the forefront of stadiums, have the best facilities and they have fallen behind."

The ex-United captain, who was sharing his views on his Instagram page while travelling home following working on Monday Night Football, was sat next to fellow Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher while recording his video.

The former Liverpool player asked Neville if he would back the Glazer family if they invested significantly in redeveloping Old Trafford.

"Not particularly, no," Neville added. "I do think it is time for them to sell.

Avram Glazer (L) and Joel Glazer (R) attending a United game in 2015. Credit: Getty.


"They have overstayed their welcome. I think the fact that they said they would engage with the fans about three, four or five months ago and they haven’t since is not good enough.

"I think it would be a breath of fresh air. But I do think the stadium needs redevelopment; it has fallen behind the other stadiums, not just in this country but also in Europe. I do think that they need to rebuild that stadium."

Neville played his whole career for the Red Devils and made 602 appearances for the club, winning 20 major trophies in the process.