25 most valuable Premier League players: Where do Man Utd and Man City’s most expensive stars rank? — gallery

How many of Manchester United and Manchester City’s most expensive players are in the top 25 of the whole league?

If there’s one thing that the transfer window has taught us, it’s that market values have skyrocketed. A new record amount of cash was splashed during the summer as Premier League clubs spent a gargantuan £2.36 billion across the board.

Manchester United and Manchester City enjoyed very successful transfer windows and both clubs are in the top four most valuable Premier League clubs. Naturally, this means they also have quite a few of the most expensive players in the division.

Using sums provided by Transfermarkt, we’ve put together and ranked the 25 most valuable Premier League players right now. Take a look below at who is on the list and how much they are currently worth on the market.

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