Shock Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea home kit for next season according to AI

A look at how AI technology expects Manchester United and Manchester City to kit out in the premier League next season

Premier League supporters across the globe eagerly anticipate the release of their club's new kit. When the first replica shirt went on sale in 1973, a multi-billion-pound industry was born.

Manchester United are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the market. Their staggering £900million deal with Adidas is the biggest in the Premier League and allows Old Trafford chiefs the muscle to attract star players.

Last season, the Red Devils (1.75 million) ranked second on the list of shirt sales, being narrowly dethroned by Liverpool (1.8 million). As for Manchester City, they have also maximised revenues from replica kits since Sheikh Mansour waltzed into town 16 years ago.

A 10-year deal with Puma started in 2019 and is worth an estimated £65million per season. Leading manufacturers are desperate for their brands to be given the honour of creating designs for top-flight clubs.

But what if AI were in charge? The emerging technology appears to be encroaching on every aspect of our lives, from social media, to studying and even, potentially, replacing our jobs.

While still in its infancy, AI is likely to become the phenomenon of our era but, right now, is still easy to poke fun at. ManchesterWorld has used Microsoft CoPilot to develop a new shirt for each of the 20 Premier League clubs.

To say some of them are eye-catching would be an understatement. From poor spelling to bizarre backgrounds, it will likely be a while before Adidas are sacking their fashion design squad and replacing them with robots.

Here is your comprehensive list of AI-generated shirts for Premier league clubs next season.