Man City boss not worried about striker’s lack of goals and reveals conversations with player

Manchester City boss Gareth Taylor discussed the form of England striker Chloe Kelly ahead of the weekend game against Leicester City.

Speaking to the press ahead Sunday’s clash with Leicester City in the Women’s Super League (WSL) the Manchester City boss Gareth Taylor shared his thoughts on the form of Chloe Kelly this season.

Kelly, who scored the memorable winning goal for England in the European Championship final last summer, has failed to find the net for City since that iconic Wembley moment. Taylor though insists he has no concerns over the 25-year-old’s form.

“We never really discuss that (lack of goals). We always work on other bits, which I think if we get those other bits right usually ends up with seeing good numbers. Whether it be goals, assists, creating chances, you know, we do a lot of work in that space with the players. I’ve spoken about Chloe before, I’m really pleased to see her in this rich, rich vein of training really well and obviously contributing and looking like she really enjoyed herself last Sunday (in the 7-0 FA Cup win over Sheffield United).

The Lionesses forward has created an impressive 32 chances for City this season - a tally significantly higher than any other player in the WSL - and Taylor feels the goals will come the more the season progresses.

“I think with Chloe we have to take into account that she missed the whole of last season (due to a ACL injury)” said the City head coach.

“She had an unbelievable high in the summer, but we knew that wasn’t gonna change anything, we knew that we would probably get what we got in the first half of the season, which is maybe a player who’s still trying to find their way back. We saw really amazing things from her in the first season, and we know the players there for sure and she showed that on Sunday and she’s showing that in training.

“Sometimes you can play two games in between international break and it’s so difficult to get any kind of rhythm. This is the first time this has been a nice period for us because it’s the first time we’ve had a free week since the new year. But I really enjoy, and the players really enjoy, playing every three or four days but obviously you can’t sustain it so it’s almost like like feast or famine where you either have loads of games in a short period or you don’t have a games for ages and to try and get a rhythm for these players is really tough.

“There’s decent levels of competition there. I think Hayley Raso’s contributing as well. Same with Julie on the other side with Lauren Hemp. I think it’s really healthy, healthy competition for the players to have.”

“She has been pushed by the other players so I think it’s a real healthy, healthy place for her to be. The biggest and the most important thing is seeing it with a smile on her face.”