Man City and Man Utd’s stunning ranking in fascinating alternative Premier League table

As the old adage goes, football is a game of 90 minutes - except it never really is.

With its various stoppages and restarts, the actual amount of action in any given match can be vasty less than that allotted hour and a half on the referee’s watch.

Injury time goes some way towards bridging the discrepancy, but the reality is that with a build-up of minor pauses like throw-ins and free-kicks, fans rarely see more than 60 minutes of actual football per game.

But which supporters are given the worst deal, and where do Manchester City and Manchester United’s fanbases rank?

The experts at have been crunching the numbers to find out each Premier League side’s average amount of actual game time per fixture this season.

Check out the full table, ranked from 20th to first, below...

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