Ever wondered if your favourite breed is as popular with others? Now you can find out with data ManchesterWorld has obtained from the Kennel Club.

How popular is your pup? Most common dog breeds in Manchester and North West revealed

From French bulldogs to German shepherds, we reveal the top 10 most popular breeds across the region.

They may be your best friend but is your dog’s breed as well loved by others in Manchester and the rest of the North West?

Data provided by the Kennel Club, which manages the Petlog microchipping database, has revealed which dog breeds are the most popular in each part of the UK.

Certain breeds, including English springer spaniels and golden retrievers, dominate the rankings in every region.

Some, such as whippets, however are less universally well loved, only making it into the top 10 in a few regions.

The data is based on puppy registrations in 2020, and is the Kennel Club’s most up to date record.

Read on to find out the top 10 breeds in the North West.

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