Melting sea ice helping predators hunt for longer in Arctic waters

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Meltring sea ice is allowing Killer Whales to hunt for longer in Arctic waters (photo: Getty Images)
Meltring sea ice is allowing Killer Whales to hunt for longer in Arctic waters (photo: Getty Images)

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    Meltring sea ice is allowing Killer Whales to hunt for longer in Arctic waters (photo: Getty Images)

    Melting sea ice is allowing killer whales to hunt for longer in Arctic waters.

    Data collected by the University of Washington has found that as the area of sea ice gets smaller, killer whales hang around more.

    The melting sea ice means more open water, which in turn means fewer places for the killer whales’ prey – such as endangered bowhead whales – to hide.

    Too many of one species being preyed on by another could lead to an imbalance in the local ecosystem, which would have a negative effect on all other species living in that habitat.

    The research team used underwater sound data to track whales over an eight-year period.


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    By Sarisha Mehta from Newcastle-under-Lyme

    Poetry winner Sarisha Mehta

    I am thrilled to be awarded a top 15 winner in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award international competition.

    Although writing my poem took imagination and effort, I really do think myself lucky that I was considered for this position! My school, Newcastle-under-Lyme School, provided a platform to boost my skills.

    The poem I entered was about if the colour blue went extinct from the world; it touches on the theme of climate change. I think this is a massive problem today, especially considering how much COP26 has been in the news.

    I received a letter from my local MP congratulating me on my win, which goes to show that no matter how young we are, we can always make a difference. I hope to continue with my poetry for many years to come.




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