First News - Wow! The world's tallest dog

Zeus - Tallest Dog Living
Guinness World Records 2022 (photo: shadai perez)
Zeus - Tallest Dog Living Guinness World Records 2022 (photo: shadai perez)

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ZEUS the Great Dane has been crowned the tallest dog in the world!

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    Zeus - Tallest Dog LivingGuinness World Records 2022 (photo: shadai perez)

    The giant pooch from Texas, USA, measures an impressive 1.046 metres (3ft 5.18in) – and he’s only two years old!

    Zeus’ mum, Brittany Davis, said she had always wanted an American Great Dane and couldn’t believe it when her brother gave the family one as a gift. She added: “At first, we were nervous about having such a large dog, but we fell in love with him and here we are!”


    Zeus shares his home with three miniature Australian shepherds, as well as a cat. His owners say he gets on particularly well with pup Zeb, despite the big height difference.

    The cool canine also loves nothing more than sleeping by the window, going on walks and visiting the local farmers’ markets, where he’s become a bit of a celebrity!


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    Real-world Brightstorm twinnies

    By Tom and Lucy


    Real-world Brightstorm twinnies by Tom and Lucy

    We love the Brightstorm series of books by Vashti Hardy because we are boy/girl twins and the main characters, Arthur and Maudie, are too.

    Just like us, they understand what the other is thinking and feeling without even asking.

    We first met Vashti Hardy when she came to our school for an author visit in 2019. It was great to hear about where she gets her ideas, including survival tips from Bear Grylls! Her stories are such exciting adventures.

    We were thrilled when Vashti dedicated the second book, Darkwhispers, to us and called us “real-world Brightstorm twinnies”. Now we’re so excited to read the third book, Firesong, but are a bit sad that the adventures have come to an end so soon. We wish the Brightstorm twins could go on forever.



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