Cheapest supermarkets to buy Easter eggs - including Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher

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(Photo: Shutterstock)

Easter is nearly here, which means many people will be looking forward to scoffing a chocolate egg.

But, as the cost of living rises, it pays to shop around to see how you could get your favourite treat for less.

Consumer experts Which? analysed deals from supermarket giants, AsdaTescoSainsbury’s and Morrisons, as well as AldiLidlOcado and Waitrose, of the price of the same Easter Eggs.

The survey included brands such as Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher.

What did Which? find?

Asda was cheaper or the same price for four eggs, while Lidl and Morrisons were cheaper or the same price for three eggs each.

Waitrose or Ocado were not the cheapest for any of the eggs.

Cadbury Buttons and Cadbury Creme Eggs were both 59% more expensive at Waitrose compared with the cheapest supermarkets.

For a giant Easter egg, the Cadbury Crunchie Giant Egg was £3.57 more at Ocado and Tesco compared to Asda (£8.43).

Which? money editor Reena Sewraz said: “With a difference of over £3.50 on a giant Easter egg, our analysis shows how important it is to shop around, especially if you have a specific brand in mind.

“Anyone looking to stretch their cash even further should check the supermarket’s own brand options which might be just as tasty for a fraction of the price.”

Which supermarket sold the cheapest branded Easter eggs?

The prices are listed from March 21 until April 3, and may change in the week before Easter.

A lot of supermarkets also reduce the price of the eggs after Easter Sunday.

Cadbury Buttons 128g


Aldi - N/AAsda - 99pLidl - 99pMorrisons - £1.21Ocado - £1.50Sainsbury's - N/ATesco - £1Waitrose - £1.57

Cadbury Creme Egg 138g


Aldi - 99pAsda - 99pLidl - 99pMorrisons - £1.21Ocado - £1.50Sainsbury's - £1.25Tesco - £1Waitrose - £1.57

Cadbury Crunchie 570g


Aldi - N/AAsda - £8.43Lidl - N/AMorrisons - £10Ocado - £12Sainsbury's - £10.71Tesco - £12Waitrose - £10.14

Cadbury Dairy Milk 515g


Aldi - N/AAsda - N/ALidl - N/AMorrisons - £8Ocado - £8.50Sainsbury's - £8.71Tesco - £10Waitrose - £8.14

Cadbury Dairy Milk With Oreo 31g


Aldi - N/A.Asda - 47pLidl - N/AMorrisons - 60pOcado - 64pSainsbury's - 40pTesco - 50pWaitrose - 60p

Cadbury Mini Eggs 455g


Aldi - N/AAsda - N/ALidl - N/AMorrisons - £8Ocado - £8.50Sainsbury's - £8.71Tesco - £10Waitrose - £8.14

Ferrero Rocher 275g


Aldi - N/AAsda - £10Lidl - N/AMorrisons - £10Ocado - £12Sainsbury's - £13Tesco - £10Waitrose - N/A