How to swap your unloved Bounty Celebrations chocs for Maltesers in Manchester!

If you have a tub of Celebrations filled with little Bountys next to you, this is the article for you…

Bounty bashers can rejoice as those leftover sweets in your celebration tubs can be exchanged for the Malteser Teasers as of next week.

Mars Ringley originally announced the Bounty Return Scheme in November with their Celebrations Christmas ad called The Lonely Bounty.

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The idea came to fruition after research revealed that Bounty is the most unloved in a box of Celebrations.

It found that less than half of Mancunians admitted that the coconut flavoured was always the last to be chosen in their box of celebrations.

In contrast with this, Malteser Teasers came out on top with 55% of Mancunians saying they were their first picks out of the tub.

The ad was set to a seasonal soundtrack, and saw Bounty finally find his true love in fellow festive food Brussel Sprout.

The ad mirrored the likes of John Lewis, and Love Actually. Creating a monumental moment for the controversial Christmas characters that will be remembered for decades to come.

The ad caused a storm on social media with other brands and the public expressing their support for the Lonely Bounty and others shaming the unloved chocolate.

The scheme will take place across the country covering London, Manchester and Glasgow.

It arrives in Manchester at the Co-Op Barlow Moor Road store on18 January, so make sure to set that reminder if you’re a Malteser Teaser lover.

For more information visit @UKCelebrations #LonelyBounty on Twitter. .