20 food and drink items with the biggest price hikes in the past 12 months

Overall food prices have risen by 0.2% during the last year - but prices for individual food groups are up to 13.4 higherOverall food prices have risen by 0.2% during the last year - but prices for individual food groups are up to 13.4 higher
Overall food prices have risen by 0.2% during the last year - but prices for individual food groups are up to 13.4 higher

British shoppers’ purse strings may have been feeling the strain this August, with record-breaking inflation seeing prices jump by the biggest margin since records began in 1997.

Prices of goods and services rose by 3.2% in the year to August, Office for National Statistics (ONS) data released last week (15 September) revealed, up from a 2% increase in the year to July.

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This refers to the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), a measure of price inflation that weighs changes in the average price of a basket of goods and services used by households, including food, transport, energy, clothes and other items.

It showed that food has become 0.2% more expensive over the last year, while non-alcoholic drinks prices have increased by 0.8% and alcoholic beverages by 1.9%.

Pressure from gas price rises, a crisis in carbon dioxide (CO2) production and a shortage of lorry drivers have spurred fears of potential food shortages in the run up to Christmas – although Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sought to downplay concerns.

But with prices of some individual items rising by more than 13%, which food and drinks are leaving shoppers feeling the pinch?

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Here our sister title NationalWorld reveals the 20 items with the biggest price hikes in the 12 months to August, according to the ONS data.

1. The price of margarine and other vegetable fats has increased by a whopping 13.4%.

2. Lamb and goat meats have increased in price by 6%. That’s compared to a 0.8% drop for meats overall.

3. Bakery products, not including bread, pizza or quiches have increased in price by 5.8%. This category includes things such as biscuits, crumpets, muffins, pastries and cakes.

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4. Edible offal prices have risen by 5.4%. That could include liver, kidneys or ingredients for black pudding and haggis.

5. Ice cream and edible ices, such as ice pops or sorbets, have risen in price by 5.3%.

6. Our morning kickstarts have become more expensive, with the price of coffee increasing by 4.3%.

7. Mineral and spring water prices have increased by 4.3%.

8. Dried fruit and nuts prices have risen by 4.2%.

9. The nation’s favourite lunchtime snack, crisps, have increased in price by 4%.

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10. Convenience is coming at an increasingly high cost – ready-made meals prices have risen by 3.9%.

11. Fortified wines such as sherry and port are now 3.9% more expensive.

12. Pasta products (both fresh and dry) and couscous – which flew off the shelves at the start of the pandemic – have risen in price by 3.5%.

13. Grape-based wine prices have matured by 3.2% over the year.

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14. Milk products excluding whole milk, low fat milk, yogurt, cheese and curd have increased by 3.1%. That includes cream, milk-based desserts, milkshakes, and dairy alternatives such as soya milk.

15. Frozen seafood prices have risen by 2.5%, leaving fish-finger lovers hot under the collar.

16. Whole milk prices have risen by 2.3%.

17. Preserved fruits and fruit based products are now 2.3% more expensive. This includes tinned fruits and fruit jams, and any ingredients based solely on fruit.

18. In another dairy entry, yoghurt prices have risen by 2%.

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19. Bread prices, including loaves and rolls, are up by 1.7%.

20. Prices may not have risen as much as its competitor product margarine, but butter prices have still increased by 1.6%.

A version of this article was originally published on NationalWorld

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