Trafford local election results 2022: who won council elections in my area - as votes counted

Labour held on to the council while the Conservatives lost out, including the group leader.

Labour has held on to its control of Trafford Council on a bad day for the Conservatives, whose departing councillors included the group leader.

The red rosette increased its dominance in the chamber after gaining a seat to take its total to 41 councillors.

The Conservatives suffered the most negative results, losing four seats in total. The party remains the second largest but now has 12 representatives.

It was also a good day for the Liberal Democrats, who took two seats to increase the number of councillors wearing the yellow rosette in the chamber to five.

And the Green Party also secured a gain and now has four elected representatives.


The highest-profile defeat for the Conservatives came in Timperley ward, where former group leader Nathan Evans fell to Will Frass of the Liberal Democrats.

It was a fairly comfortable gain for the Lib Dems too, with Mr Frass gaining 2,182 votes to 1,413 for Mr Evans.

The Greens gained Hale Central, sending Jane Leicester to the chamber, while Tony O’Brien gained Ashton on Mersey for Labour.

Turnout varied considerably across the borough, from just 27.04% in Bucklow-St-Martins to 51.3% in Timperley and 50.7% in Brooklands.

Voters went to the polls in all 21 of Trafford’s wards, with one councillor per ward being elected with the exception of Gorse Hill where two seats were up for grabs, with Labour holding on to both of them.

The results underline the significant recent turnaround in political fortunes in Trafford for the two major parties, with Labour winning a large majority despite only taking full control of the council from the Conservatives in 2019.

Trafford was previously seen as something of a flagship council for the Conservatives in the North West.

Who won in my ward in Trafford Council?

The full results for each ward, including voter turnout, are available to view on the council’s website.